25 Random Things

This is that meme that's going around in Facebook.

1. I minored in photography in college. I almost wish I'd double majored in it and English.

2. I used to be a big fan of the show Prison Break, but I lost interest in it.

3. TV shows I watch regularly: Big Love, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Lost.

4. Every night before bed, I watch an episode of Star Trek on DVD from Netflix. I'm now in season one of Deep Space Nine.

5. I haven't worn nail polish on fingernails or toenails in nearly six years.

6. I haven't worn makeup (not regularly, anyway) in nearly ten years.

7. For a while, I was trying to phase out perfume as well, but that's not exactly working. I'm still going to try not to buy as much of that.

8. For a while, I was also trying to phase out buying office supplies, since I get so many of them from textbook publisher reps at work. But then Vera Bradley came out with a line of office supplies.

9. Girly things I have not phased out yet: hair products, jewelry, Vera Bradley purses/accessories, shoes/clothes.

10. I use cloth tote bags at the grocery store instead of paper or plastic.

11. I am not at all into dishes or silverware. I don't care what the pattern looks like or if the pieces match or not.

12. I get jealous sometimes when I read all the conversation across Facebook profiles among women I went to high school with who live in Florence, AL and have kids now. They (you) all seem to have this great, supportive group dynamic going on, and I hate that I can't be a part of it.

13. I had my son via c-section because he was breech, and I haven't had any complications. Some women say that it continues to hurt years later, but I can't even tell I had it done unless I look at the scar.

14. I put cocoa in my coffee instead of sugar so that I can have a mocha every morning.

15. When I go to the gym, the thing I most like to do is a class called pump, which is group weightlifting.

16. I absolutely love cold, COLD weather.

17. I drive a 1998 Honda Civic, red.

18. I haven't been to see a movie in the theater since Sex and the City when it came out. I'm not ever that interested in going to the movies.

19. I have never read a Harry Potter book or a "Stephenie" Meyer book and have no desire to do so.

20. I can't stand to have bottles of shower gel or shampoo in the shower that have just a tiny amount in them. Once they start running really low, I mentally say to those bottles, "your days are numbered," and I use only those (as opposed to rotating) until they're gone.

21. I only own two pairs of jeans, and I'm thinking about donating those to Goodwill.

22. The reason for wanting to donate the jeans is that a couple of years ago or so, I started wanting to have in my closet only professional-looking clothes, and my casual clothes would then consist of button-down shirts and twill trousers.

23. It's always impressive to me how people in the past used to dress up more, even if they were only going to the store.

24. I have a Topsy Tail, and I use it all the time. Anyone remember those? I live in fear that it will break, as it doesn't seem like you can get one now.

25. I use the Cherry Blossom theme in Gmail and the Denimfox theme in Firefox.