Kipling's Prose

Another one from the papers-of-yore files. I wrote this one in spring 1998, the semester after I graduated. I ended up taking a year off between my B.A. and starting my M.A. program (fall of 1999), and I took three courses in spring 98 as a non-degree-seeking student in an attempt to stay sharp.

My assignment here was simply "write a paper about Kipling's prose." Before that, I had to write a paper about Thomas Babington Macaulay, which I don't have in electronic format. I don't know where the hard copy is either, actually. But yeah, Kipling's prose. I read SO MUCH Kipling for this paper, which is good, but the paper is pretty lousy. This is why broad topics aren't such a good idea. But the professor I had for this course was excellent -- one of my favorites -- and I think his goal for us here was breadth rather than depth.