Recent Dinners

The other day I caught an episode of Hot off the Grill with Bobby Flay, and he was making Napoleons using slices of potato, goat cheese, and basil. He finished them with a basil vinaigrette. I decided to try it at home, using what I happened to have: grated mozzarella/provolone cheese, minced garlic, and bacon. They were delicious, and we had them with some drumsticks:

Chicken Drumsticks and Potato Napoleons

And, uh, some salad from a plastic bag, and cans of Fresca:

Bag Salad and Fresca

Tonight it's something slightly fancier, as I went to the farmer's market today. We're having drumsticks again, but this time with collard greens (cooked with a little bacon), sourdough wheat bread, and a dessert that may be great or terrible: pear pudding. For years, I've wanted to try making fruit puddings, and I'm starting with pears. I did two pears, peeled and sliced fairly thin, then some flour, milk, maple syrup, honey, and sugar (in the raw). I'm hoping that if I leave it in the oven long enough, that stuff will turn into something resembling caramel. Then we'll have that pear pudding with pound cake from the farmer's market. [UPDATE: That pudding needed some spice desperately, I'll tell you what! Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg...I should have picked those up at the store.]