Thanksgiving Menu

Today Jonathan and I are going to have a modest meal; this weekend we'll be doing a proper Thanksgiving with his family. We're probably going to go with what's in the house. Here's the tentative plan.

1. Roasted chicken -- don't know what we'll use for marinade yet; it's still thawing.

2. Roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips -- this is a dish I got from Martha Stewart's TV show. You cut up sweet potatoes and parsnips, drizzle them in olive oil, bake, then coat them with a dressing made of maple syrup and dijon mustard.

3. Peas

4. Maybe corn

5. Possibly biscuits, just the milk-and-self-rising-flour kind. I might grate up some cheddar to put in them, too.

We might venture out to the grocery store, in which case cranberry sauce, Pepperidge Farm stuffing, and a store-bought pie of some kind will surely be added.