Meetings, tee-hee

Yeah, so a while back I was wondering what all the fuss was about (I still do, to an extent). But I thought some of you would like to see what my upcoming week looks like:

12:00-?, a lunch with guests of the department
2:00-3:00, a workshop with the same guests
3:00-?, a meeting of faculty who teach writing-intensive classes

12:30-1:45, teach
2:00-5:00 office hours (will have to be truncated today)
3:30-?, a meeting with our visiting professor -- a master class

3:00-5:00, faculty meeting

Thursday (always ends up being a 12-hour day for me!)
9:30-10:30, meeting for FYC teachers -- I may or may not go this time
12:30-1:45, teach
2:00-5:00, office hours
6:30-9:00, teach

11:00-12:00, job talk (finalist for a position in Asian American literature)
12:30-2:00, new faculty luncheon (we'll be able to talk to representatives from the IRB, Office of Sponsored Programs, etc.)

I have to say, though, this week is an anomaly. During any other week, I'd have no meetings at all in addition to teaching, or maybe one. Last semester some of us had a writing group, and that was usually my only meeting. Needless to say, this week I'll have to use my mornings wisely for research and grading.