Frugally Insane

I'm big on money-saving tips, but I still thought this was funny (via). My favorites include these two, for their silly, imaginative, David Sedaris-like humor:

4. Foil pick-pockets by placing a freshly toasted "pop tart" in each pocket. Would-be thieves will quickly rupture the fragile pastry and receive nasty finger burns from the steaming hot jam inside.

5. A length of plastic drainpipe with a roller skate at each end makes an ideal home-made "car" for snakes.

And these, for their merciless skewering of the whole money-saving-tips-list genre and the tasks that can seem unnecessarily labor-intensive and counterintuitive:

10. Put a stop to car thieves by siphoning off all your gas whenever you park your car, and carrying it round with you in one or two plastic buckets.

19. When reading a book try tearing out the pages as you read them. This saves the expense of buying a bookmark.

And of course, how could I help but think about this tip from pops over at Derek's place a while back:

Carry a can of beans and a loaf of bread with you and savour a delightful veggie sandwich anytime you wish. They're hardy too :)