Got tagged by Joanna to answer the question that's going around: "What are five things I do every day to contribute to my success?"

1. Review active projects. This is in keeping with the GTD philosophy. I use Nozbe liberally.

2. Think about all the work that other colleagues are probably doing right now. I'm very competitive, and if I remind myself that other people are working and if I slack off, I'm going to fall behind, I get really motivated.

3. Do crafty, creative stuff. It's a kind of wax-on, wax-off for my mind, a way to think nonverbally that complements all the verbal work I have to do. The craftiness includes playing around with media (images, video, and audio), cooking, knitting, making soaps and bath salts, and tinkering with jewelry -- making new jewelry out of vintage jewelry using needle-nose pliers, a drill, and a vice.

4. Spend time with my husband.

5. Evaluate objectively the stakes of whatever it is I'm stressed out about. Sometimes I blow things out of proportion and devote more time to tasks than I should.