Friday Random Ten: The Unrepresentative Edition

The random ten follows. It really doesn't represent the full dorkiness of my music collection. I expected at least one Air Supply song in there, for example, or something else horrid. I was fully prepared to make the Belle Waring "What if I wish to use it to illustrate a point sometime?" defense. I probably ought to do that with the Streisand song, which is nowhere near one of her best.

1. Jolene -- Dolly Parton
2. Sensuality (Techno Remix) -- Bjork
3. Just Like Heaven -- The Cure
4. Baby's Got Sauce -- G.Love and Special Sauce
5. Digging in the Dirt -- Peter Gabriel
6. The Emperor's New Clothes -- Sinead O'Connor
7. The Ascent of Stan -- Ben Folds
8. Another Sunny Day -- Belle and Sebastian
9. Oscillate Wildly -- The Smiths
10. Woman in Love -- Barbra Streisand