Framework and WPA Outcomes Aligned

ULL's writing program takes its outcomes from the WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition. Disclosure: the program adopted these outcomes in academic year 2005-2006, before I came here, but I have affirmed them. Anyway, I've been thinking for some time about the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing and how to integrate its eight habits of mind into our writing program's outcomes. The habits of mind are pretty difficult to measure, and in trying to evaluate how well students demonstrate them seems highly problematic; I imagine a lot of personal bias coming into play on teachers' part and a TON of student resistance to having, say, their curiosity or responsibility evaluated. Still, I agree that students with these habits of mind will be much more successful than those without them.

So here's my first shot at integrating the outcomes and the habits. I took our outcomes, matched each one up with one or two habits I thought worked best with it, and then, in the far right column of the table below, I have an explanation of how that habit of mind (or those habits) could be demonstrated in the context of a writing course.

Habits and Outcomes Aligned

Obviously, this is only one of many ways these can be matched, and really, each of these outcomes requires all the habits of mind.