Thierry Robin on women's rights in Iraq

Today I got an email from Thierry Robin, who told me about his upcoming trip to Iraq. He says (this is from his blog, not the email):

:: I'm a freelance journalist and reporter and a member of the ABIR association. I feel concerned by the fate of Iraqi women and men since 1991, year of the first war conducted against the government of Saddam Hussein. Twelve years of embargo have followed and finally a much debated occupation. In October 2003, I will go on a trip to Iraq within the framework of a humanitarian action organized by ABIR, in company of three female members.

This experience is essential from a human point of view. It's also crucial for the various feelings and realities that I will try to "print" and reveal through my articles and photos. My favorite subject is the condition of women and girls in Iraq. I'm going to listen to their words, silences, claims and hopes. I will try to seize their glances, to catch a moment in the life of these women, of these girls in the turmoil of this war which does'nt finish. I'm going to meet them as if I were visiting the members of my own humane family. That's the main thing. It does not matter what these women will dare or be able to tell me, what they will reveal about their life or inner feelings. Try to decipher the language of the human heart in such a situation will give all the depth to this work, like a unique testimony of our time.

Should be interesting.