(Un)Knowable Violences: Non-Innocent Conversations

Conference call for papers: (un)knowable violences: non-innocent

March 13-14, 2004, at the University of British Columbia

Deadline for proposals: December 15, 2003

The UBC Womens Studies Graduate Student Association in collaboration with
the Centre for Research in Womens Studies and Gender Relations invite
individuals from various disciplines, engaged in feminist and/or gendered
analysis, to submit papers contending with issues of structural, discursive

or epistemic violence. We wish to solicit responses from individuals who
concerned about issues of violence, but more specifically, about the
structures with which we are frame our activism / writing / thinking about
these issues and the problems inherent in our analytical, theoretical or
institutional frameworks.

Provisional topics suggested, but not limited to:

discursive (passive) aggression

critical pedagogy

appropriating theory

the violence of representation / violent representations

abusing power

discourse analysis in context

invoking Trans, Poly and Plural

academy and empire

responsible methodology

evolving isms

- femin

- social

- capital

- post-colonial

- post-structural

- neo-colonial

Submissions should be original work done while an 'emerging scholar':
graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, new independent scholar, junior
professional (up to five years), or similar status.

This conference will take place at UBC March 13-14th, 2004. Interested
participants can also take part in an organized visioning and strategizing
session on Womens Studies futures.

Billeting and some limited travel funds will be available. Submissions
should include an abstract (maximum 500 words) and participant bio, with
text included in the body of your email message not as an attachment.
Submissions should be sent to Cecily Nicholson at cecily@shaw.ca
by December 15th, 2003.