Academic Blogging

Tom Coates has written an intricate post called "Discussion and Citation in the Blogosphere." He argues that rich debate can happen on weblogs. Some might think that's stating the obvious, right? Coates knows that. To my mind, he's arguing for the academic legitimation of blogging, something that's already happening very quickly (as Charlie linked in this post). Coates is arguing that we're experiencing a "micro-paradigm shift" toward a "hyperactive academia." One person who commented pointed out the peer review process involved in academic publication, and Coates responded by saying that in blogging, peer review certainly takes place, but after the fact. That's it exactly. I was talking to Charlie at Computers & Writing about an idea I have about the possible future of academic blogging: What if you, an academic, kept a weblog and blogged all your scholarly essays there. Let's say that if you're looking for a job, someone finds a few people in your area of study to peer-review your weblog. It wouldn't be blind review, true, but it would be something. Thanks Anne for the link. Also posted on Kairosnews.