The Iowa Caucuses in Review

Greg Greene assesses the outcome of the Iowa caucuses, which I did not see, but I was checking the results and wondering what was happening with Dean. Greene has this to say, which I find interesting:

To go against the grain a little, I think this result helps Clark. The blow Dean took in Iowa could push his New Hampshire supporters with second thoughts to another candidate — and with Kerry, the Iowa winner, coming from next door, I don’t imagine many people drifting to his campaign.

Clark has had the run of New Hampshire for the last couple of weeks, thanks to the other candidates’ having decamped to Iowa — and as the only candidate with nationwide backing and financial support that compares to Dean, he stands in the best position to gain from any slippage in Dean’s support. If he can capitalize on the momentum he’s built this month, he could make a strong showing — possibly even in first place.

Well. Maybe I should get to know Madonna's and Michael Moore's pick a little better.