Results: Survey of Members of Blog Sisters

As indicated by Tables 1 and 2, the respondents of the survey were mostly college-educated women in their late thirties living in the United States. They have been active bloggers for an average of two years and seven months.
Table 1: Demographic Data on members of Blog Sisters

Age Location Education Level
Mode 41 United States 19 Some High School 1
Median 42.5 Canada 1 Some College 4
Mean 39 France 1 Some Graduate School 3
Range 22-63 The Netherlands 1 Master’s Degree 9
Ph.D. (one ABD) 2

Table 2: Length of time Blog Sisters have read weblogs and kept weblogs

Read Weblogs Kept Weblogs
Mode 1 yr. Mode 1 yr.
Median 2 yrs., 7 mo. Median 2 yrs., 7 mo.
Mean 1 yr., 10 mo. Mean 1 yr. 4 mo.
Range 2 mo. to 5 yrs. Range 3 mo. to 5 yrs.

Table 3: Answers to the question "What does the term "blogging community" mean to you?

Definitions of Blogging Community Celebrity(reference to fame, high volume of traffic, many readers) Small Clusters (“My friends and I,” or people in a geographical region) Tool-centered (those who use Blogger, Xanga, who are listed on Daypop) Like-minded (Writers who share mutual interests, political views) Term is not meaningful
8 4 1 8 2

Table 4: Answers to question "Do you consider yourself an active member of the blogging community? Why or why not?

Yes (Posts to blog frequently) Yes (Publicizes blog by linking to others in posts and on blogrolls; leaves comments on other blogs) No (Keeps a blog for herself) No (Doesn’t publicize blog by blogrolling, commenting, and linking to others’ blogs)
7 8 2 5

Table 5: Answers to question “If you answered no to the previous question, would you like to be more well-known in the blogging community? If so, what do you think it would take for you to get the same level of attention as the ‘A-list bloggers’?”

Desire to be well-known blogger? Yes(Needs to be more active in commenting/linking to others) No(Doesn’t write about just one topic, as many A-Listers do) No (Satisfied with her level of fame/number of readers) No(No desire to be; doesn’t want the attention) No (Just does it for herself)
1 3 10 3 2

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