Darknet chapter drafts on a wiki

JD Lasica, whose blog I should read more often, has put drafts of his book, Darknet: Remixing the Future of Movies, Music and Television, on a public wiki. He says:

Goal: In the spirit of open media and participatory journalism, I'd like to use this wiki to publish drafts of each chapter in the book. I hope you'll participate in this effort by contributing feedback, edits, criticism, corrections, and additional anecdotes, either through the comments field below or by sending me email. Feel free to be as detailed as you like or to insert comments or questions. After all, you're the editor. (And remember, this is for a book manuscript, not a finished online document.) If you make a couple of helpful edits, I'll mention your name in the book's Acknowledgments (and buy you a drink next time we meet up).

Although this would be even cooler if he were using a Creative Commons license or Founder's Copyright (and he may do that later, but this text is at the bottom of Chapter 1: "{Many users mistakenly believe that material on the Internet not accompanied by a copyright notice is fair game for taking. Not true. In any case: Copyright 2004 by J.D. Lasica.}"), I like this collaborative model and that he has given us free access to the book.

Via Mary Hodder.