Guest Blogging at Datacloud

For an experiment in networking and subjectivity, Johndan Johnson-Eilola has decided to go offline for a month, and he has asked me to be one of his guest bloggers. I can't imagine going offline for a month, but I await the results of his study with great interest. He says he feels happy and acknowledged when he receives email, blog comments, etc., and I agree; in fact, if a day goes by and no one calls me, emails, or leaves comments here, I'm engulfed in malaise.

Johndan said I may blog about anything I want at datacloud. It looks like about six people total will be guest blogging, and I'm curious to see what datacloud will sound like, if it will become cacophonous, if we'll talk to each other. I might try to be faithful to Johndan's interests, at least at first.