Dcr. and Ds., and Country Ham

At the 4th of July barbecue I attended yesterday, peals of laughter erupted as we talked about taking prelims, passing prelims, and being ABD. One guy joked, "Yeah, there should be a title for someone who's ABD. Something between Mr. and Dr." We decided it would be "Dicter." I don't know what abbreviation would be appropriate. Dcr.? A woman who goes by Ms. would then become "Ds.," pronounced "Dizz." (I like to spell that with two z's.)

Can I just tell you how cool Krista is? She asked me if I wanted her to grab any southern food for me when she and Mister Boyfriend make the move up here. I requested a slice of country ham, but I hope she doesn't go to any trouble to get it. :o