Blog Post Topics for 20-24 September

Yesterday, Courtney wrote,

I would like to know if any of you have been closely following the election lately? If so, let me know what you guys think about who you are in support of and why... I'm curious to see how other students view this issue. Also, it wouldn't hurt to get some information especially from different perspectives.

Read the whole post here:

This is a timely issue well worth writing about, so both of this week's posts will center on the upcoming election.

1. Write a response to what Courtney's asking. Are you following the election closely? If so, what do you think? Read "Taking Back the Youth Vote," which you can find at This story is about you. Jane Eisner, the author, has what I think are some provocative talking points on why so few young people vote. Do you agree with what she says? Based on your experience as a young adult just reaching voting age, which points in her argument do you find the strongest, and why? Which are the weakest, and why?

2. As you know, Bush and Kerry are both hitting the campaign trail hard and will be doing so until the election in November. Recently, both candidates made trips to Ohio. Read this speech Bush delivered in Ohio on 28 August:

And this one Kerry delivered in Ohio on 8 September:

Which do you find to be the stronger speech, and why? What are the differences in how each candidate approaches the audience? What are your general impressions of the speeches? What moved you? What bugged you?