Kairos Bio

I emailed the Kairos list yesterday and asked if I may edit my bio on the Kairos staff bios page. Right now it says:

Clancy Ratliff

University of Tennessee

News Assistant Editor

Bio forthcoming.

Heh, I'm no longer at the University of Tennessee, the email address isn't right, and my title has changed. Also, I want a bio, dangit!

Update--here it is:

Clancy Ratliff
University of Minnesota
Associate Editor, Kairosnews

Clancy Ratliff is a graduate student in the Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication program at UMN. She teaches First-Year Composition, Technical and Professional Writing, and speech, and her research interests include weblogs, feminist rhetoric, intellectual property, genre theory, and material rhetoric. She is Feminist Rhetoric Field Editor of rhetcomp.com, and you can find out what's on her mind on any given day by reading her weblog, CultureCat.