More Music

A little more music you should buy right now...

From Nouvelle Vague, Nouvelle Vague (an album of covers, BTW):

Love Will Tear Us Apart

This Is Not a Love Song (I prefer this version to PIL's original)

Making Plans for Nigel

From William Shatner, Has Been:

Common People

Ideal Woman

And, finally, from The Perceptionists, Black Dialogue:

Memorial Day (It's about the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration -- good stuff)

Again with the disclaimer from G Zombie:

MP3 files are posted for evaluation purposes only. Availability is limited: usually 24 hours. Through this site, I'm trying to share and promote good music with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. Everyone is encouraged to purchase music and concert tickets for the artists you feel merit your hard earned dollars. If you hold copyright to one of these songs and would like the file removed, please let me know.

UPDATE: This one's for Jim at the Blogora.