Excited about local art

I'm accompanying a couple of folks tomorrow to go see LICK! and then to see Heather Corrina's latest show. I have a lot of respect for Corrina's activist work, especially what she's done on Scarleteen, and listen to this description of LICK!

A show that's half play, half dance, and half comedy...it's a plancedy...and it follows five young men, self-proclaimed as "the sexiest dance company the world has ever known" as they come to the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival with one goal: to blow your mind. Join Ben, Brian, Bobby, Todd, and Kelly as they inject art into your soul with their great big syringe of sexiness.

By the way, locals: If you didn't catch Blogologue when it played at Bryant-Lake Bowl, you should definitely see it. The performers do dramatic interpretations of all kinds of interweb content, including inane pop-up ads, teen LiveJournals, choleric pundits, and the dullest blog in the world.