Bibliography of Scholarship on Copyright

A blurb about the bibliography:

The "Current copyright literature" website is a resource for keeping informed of current articles related to U.S. copyright law. This service is edited by Tobe Liebert, the Assistant Director for Collection Development & Special Projects at the Tarlton Law Library.

Here's the process: I review law journals and law reviews (and a great many other legal periodicals) as they are received in the library. I examine the table of contents of all of these publications and identify any article concerning U.S. copyright law. I then input the basic bibliographic information about each article into this database, and scan the first page of the article. The availability of the first page of the article should better enable readers to know if they are interested in reading the whole article.

This website will be updated two to three times a week, depending on the volume of cites. This service is RSS-enabled to allow users to receive automatic notices of updates. The RSS feed address is

My position on “fair use”: Only the first page of an article will be scanned and images will be deleted after 60 days. This service is for non-commercial, educational purposes only.

Although I'm in favor of goosing fair use a little more, especially for educational purposes, I think it's a fantastic thing Liebert is doing. Via Copyfight.