Clearinghouse for Hurricane Victims (Toys and Children's Clothes)

Cooper and Emily of Been There are providing a way to get donations of supplies to families once they're in temporary housing. Hopefully they've got some readers in Baton Rouge, Houston, Atlanta, etc. who can run these goods to shelters, as I'm sure the temporary housing won't have computers and internet connections. Emily instructs:

If you have something to offer, respond to this post with what you have (and please be specific, for example if you have toys, say for what age group, how many, what sort of condition they're in). Families in need are invited to respond to your post directly.

Also, in comments to the post at Been There, Isabel answers a question I'd had for a while. What if you don't have any money, but you have goods you'd like to donate? I called the local Red Cross and the Salvation Army, but they're not taking any goods. Isabel wrote:

2) Goodwill Industries of Houston is accepting and distributing donations of goods. I spoke to the CEO, Steve Lufburrow, who personally assured me that packages marked for Distribution for Families of Hurricane Katrina will be distributed to families. They particularly need children’s clothing, goods, and diapers as Goodwill normally does not receive those goods. You can send your packages to:
Mailing Address
5200 Jensen Drive
Houston, Texas 77026
Phone and Fax
(713) 692-6221
fax (713) 692-0923

UPDATE: Lauren posted the address of another organization that's accepting goods.

UPDATE: FYI, I spoke to Goodwill in San Antonio, and they are not accepting goods.