The Needs Meme and the Lego Meme

The first, via Badger and Wolfangel. Do a Google search for [Your first name] needs:

Clancy needs to go deeper into their minds (totally)
Clancy needs a new publisher/editor for sure if someone is pressuring [her] ... (more like, I need a publisher in the first place)
Clancy needs to hone up on actual writing skills before [she] fires up [her] imagination again (probably right)
Clancy needs [her] daily nap (Boo! Hiss! I can't go to sleep in the middle of the day.)
Clancy needs more rigorous editing. (gulp. Again, probably right)
Clancy needs you to save the world...again. (yes.)
The book nears 1000 pages and Clancy needs all of them to make [her] complex narrative come together but [she] pulls it off brilliantly. ... (well I hope I pull it off brilliantly! But there's no way my dissertation's going to be ~1000 pages.)
Clancy needs no introduction. (doubt it.)
Clancy needs to get the laser eye surgery (yes, I'd love to be able to see as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I'm still skittish about the long-term effects.)
Clancy needs to do a better job of supervising [her] ghostwriters (Ssshhh! I'm trying to keep that on the DL!)
Clancy Needs to Stop Lowering the Boom (yawn. Is this one a song, movie, or what? I've heard it before.)
Clancy Needs a Break (If only I could get a break from my own mind, which is stressed out on an epic scale right now.)

And here's how I'd look as a Lego (also via Badger):

What do you look like in Lego?

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