The sense of humor, it burgeons

I had a wonderful time at Walgreens earlier today. I should preface this by saying that I've been delighted to see and hear Henry do a lot of laughing. He laughs when we tickle him, of course, but he also laughs when I make a funny face at him or when I pretend to look away from him for a minute, then spin around suddenly and look at him. He also laughs when I laugh, even though he usually has no idea what I'm laughing at, which I love.

Tonight in Walgreens, "Do You Love Me" was playing.

I had Henry in a shopping cart. He wasn't too happy to be there, so I started lip-syncing the song, really getting into the performance and mugging. Henry laughed so hard and so loudly that people came from other aisles to see him. Of course by this time I was laughing too from being so embarrassed about my own carrying-on, which was making Henry laugh even harder. Baby laughter! It was pure euphoria.