Trailers for My C&W Presentations

I was hoping to get a chance to show these trailers for my presentations on opening night at the Computers and Writing conference (after the fashion of Daniel Anderson), but they're not having one of those @getinfo sessions this year. Oh well. Here they are. This is the trailer for my first presentation:

H. Web Sensible Selves: Individual and Institutional Identities in Digital Writing
Darren Cambridge: Deep-Web Sensible Selves: Writing the Responsive Learning Organization
Byron Hawk: Identifying Web 2.0: Institutional Identities and the Grounds of Research
Clancy Ratliff: Peer-to-Peer Review, Metadata, and Distant Reading: Introducing MediaCommons, a New Scholarly Network

And here's the one for my second:

I. Roundtable: Digital Writing Research(ers): Institutional Review Boards:
Mapping the Issues for Organizational Position Statements
Will Banks, Michelle Eble, Gail Hawisher, Heidi McKee, James Porter, Clancy Ratliff, Cynthia Selfe, Pam Takayoshi, Laura Gurak