Zydeco Rant

I hate how there aren't really any good online resources (that I've been able to find) about contemporary zydeco music -- especially the hip-hop/zydeco hybrid music I like and that they play on KNEK. Like there's this one song, and the chorus goes: "I know you heard us on the radio/Now it's time to do the zydeco..." I know that doesn't sound like it would be very good or clever, but it really is; I always car-dance when it comes on. The song takes samples from "It's All the Way Live":

and "Crush on You":

which is why I like it so much. Actually I don't know if that last sample is in fact from "Crush on You" or if Lil'Kim and Lil'Ceaz took it from somewhere else. Anyway, KNEK never mentions the name of the artist or song after they play it. I've been googling those lyrics and trying to find information about that song and others online, but I've been unsuccessful.