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'Entrepreneur' a trademarked word, court rules

The word "entrepreneur" has been trademarked since 1978, and a recent court decision upholds Entrepreneur Media's ownership of the trademark. Scott Smith, who named his company EntrepreneurPR, had to change the name. He makes this interesting comment:

"It's like being sued for using the word 'golf.' There's 'Golf Magazine,' 'Golf Illustrated,' " Smith said. "Most publishers are not that insane. But these people have this thought that they made the word 'entrepreneur' what it is today."

Do you agree? All I have to say is, if Minority Business Entrepreneur magazine and Female Entrepreneur magazine are affected by this decision, I'm going to be angry.

Link via Paul Cox. Cross-posted at Kairosnews.

My Next Knitting Project?

Sushi, pie, sandwiches, potato chips...all cute:

I had read about this craftswoman in BUST a long time ago and then couldn't find any of her work for a while. Thanks Sheila Lennon by way of the Ms. blogroll!

Random Proposals for Communications Courses has an interesting course description generator. Keep clicking "Next" for more. This might come in handy now that it's syllabus time! ;-)

Gay Characters on TV

Now I'm on a roll, Elle!! For context: Elle linked to a list of gay characters on TV, saying it is far from complete. Ain't that the truth! I mentioned more in one comment to her blog, and now I'm thinking of more still: Mariel Hemingway's character and Roseanne's boss Leon on Roseanne, Waylon Smithers on The Simpsons, Blanche's brother Clayton who came out to Blanche and Dorothy's friend who had a crush on Rose on The Golden Girls, Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City, hmmm, let me go to Jump the Shark for more jogging of the memory...okay:

Billy, the gay teenager, in One Life to Live

WILLOW AND TARA (and Kennedy) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ricky Vasquez in My So-Called Life

Okay, that's all I can think of for now. On an unrelated note, I saw Freddy vs. Jason last night. How campy and nostalgic. Makes me want to rent all the Nightmare on Elm St. movies again.

Lesson for the day: Don't ever do a Google search for "golden girls" + lesbian if you're looking for information on THE TV SHOW. Yikes!!!!

Response to "Activistology"

Erin O'Connor critiques what she is calling "Activistology," a tailoring of teaching and curriculum development that encourages activism and social change. She considers it all indoctrination, of course, and I knew she'd say that, but when I encounter this kind of teaching and curriculum development, I think of paideia and classical rhetorical pedagogy--preparing students to be thoughtful, socially responsible citizens of the city-state.

Back from Michigan

Am I ever tired! I got back into town last night after an 11-hour drive that started at 3:00 p.m. At the end there I was using my stay-awake-while-driving-alone strategy: sing along loudly with any song I know that comes on the radio, even if I hate the song. Luckily "Hey Jude" came on toward the end and gave me a second wind. I absolutely love that song. I should really get a Beatles CD one of these days. :-)

As far as the festival is concerned, I think I need to sort everything out before I write about it. For now let it suffice to say that I had a great time, and I participated in the march for trans inclusion.

The Ultimate in Bad Taste

Your Nutz. Well, at least some of the proceeds go to testicular cancer research.

Link via Leigh Anne.

For some reason...

I'm the #2 MSN search hit for "photos of man and women without their clothes together and sexing with each other." Gasp! I'm trying to picture the person who used this awkward syntax.

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