Liveblogging the Oscars

7:42: We've hit the high point of the show already? It would seem so, because I can't imagine anything being better than that phenomenal performance by Dolly Parton. Wow! And am I the only person who was really happy to see Matt Dillon nominated for an Oscar, even though he didn't win?

7:46: Full disclosure: I haven't seen a single one of the movies nominated for anything this year, sigh. Also, sort of off-topic, but does anyone else look at all those Brokeback Mountain parodies all over the web and see them as "caricatures of containment," as some have referred to the cartoons of Andrea Dworkin in those flesh mags? Or is Brokeback Mountain helping to open everyone's eyes to sublimated homoeroticism in all kinds of films, as in that great montage they showed of clips from old Westerns? Cue The Celluloid Closet!

7:58: Re the biopic montage: I was a little surprised that Pollock wasn't in there; at least I didn't see it if it was.

9:27: I apparently don't think very much here warrants comment. That exchange between Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep introducing Robert Altman was just flawless, though. Two old pros.

10:27: Overall, no real surprises...except Best Picture! Whoa! I don't think anyone predicted that one, not that I read.


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Haven't seen them yet in Australia, so no spoilers...

I'll watch the ceremony tonight -- or as much of it as I can stand....

The Brokeback Mountain mashups / burlesques run the gamut, I think. Some are just plain homophobic; some (like the Top Gun one) could perhaps have made an interesting point if put together a bit differently (ie with fewer Carry ON style jokes.) I didn't dislike the one drawn from Back To The Future, though I don't think the subliminated homoeroticism in that movie is between Michael J & the Doc, it's between Crispin and Michael J.

There has been a bit of

There has been a bit of speculation around the place recently that there might be a surprise upset, with Crash being the movie to do it, partly because of the 130,000 copies of the DVD its producres sent out in order to garner favour.

So far, I've only seen one of the successful movies, Constant Gardener, but I plan to see the majority of them at some stage.

Cronenberg wuz robbed!

I was extremely disappointed that A History of Violence didn't get so much as a nomination. Absolutely the best film I saw in all of 2005, bar none.


ebert vociferously defended

ebert vociferously defended 'crash' (though i don't know offhand what he predicted to win).

three six's win was pretty surprising!

Jon Stewart's quip

"Martin Scorsese: 0. Three Six Mafia: 1."

Sad but funny.

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