revise...conclusion. I'll get started on that as soon as I get back from my yoga class tonight. But first, a couple of links:

Twinning is up, and it's due to a number of factors, including maternal age and assisted reproductive technology (ART). But, scarily, you may be more likely to have twins if you eat meat and dairy products, due to the hormones given to livestock:

By comparing the twinning rate of vegan women, who consume no animal products, with that of women who do eat animal products, Gary Steinman, MD, PhD, an attending physician at Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY, found that the women who consume animal products, specifically dairy, are five times more likely to have twins. The study is published in the May 2006 issue of the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, available May 20.

Via the Union of Concerned Scientists newsletter.

Also, check out Ema's story of how very well New York City is fighting avian flu.

Speaking of Ema, I'll be interested to her her take on the new birth control bonanza(!), including "a yearlong oral contraceptive and a simpler version of a contraceptive implant" (one rod instead of six).


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Twins are great!

Just a brief note about your links on twinning: As the mother of twins, I just want to point out that it is entirely possible for women to have non-eventful twin (and higher order multiple) pregnancies and to give birth to healthy, full term twin babies. In my case, my "advanced age" was probably a factor, but so was my being African American, as there are statistics that point to higher "natural" prevalence of twinning in some African ethnic groups.

Yes, there are reports of health risks associated with twin pregnancies. But they are not as prevalent as most people seem to think, and many--especailly in women with no prior health conditions (e.g., that may have contributed to infertility/miscarriage prior to ART treatments)-- can be overcome with proper prenatal care.

Now that my twin daughters are 6 I can say that all the craziness of caring for two infants at the same time was worth it. I have the family of 2 children I always wanted, with a single pregnancy, and they are great playmates for each other and helpers to me as I complete my dissertation!

That came out wrong.

Ack. I completely agree that twins are great (these twins especially make me want twins), and to be honest, I thought about stepping up my dairy after reading that press release. I do, however, think it's scary that these hormones given to livestock could potentially have such a dramatic effect on our bodies. That part just squicks me out, I guess. So it's not the particular outcome (twins) that creeps me so much as the general effect and other possible outcomes, like earlier menarche in girls, breast cancer, etc.


Gotcha--I get your menaing now.

I should show this to my sister

She's in the hospital right now, about to have twins. (She already has four kids, so she'll have her hands full.)

I'm afraid she might tell me that the news is a little late, though.

Two Cultures

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