Upgrade more or less complete

It went without too many hitches, but I've decided to hold off a while on a new site design. As you can see, you can now browse my archives by date, and you can see a tagcloud generated from my categories. You can get a printer-friendly version of every post, and those are COOL; it keeps track of where the links are and where they go. The things I haven't been able to get going yet are:

The pathauto module. On Kairosnews, for example, the URL of each post is generated from the title, like so: http://www.kairosnews.org/microsoft-forces-changes-to-higher-ed-report I've installed the module that is supposed to do this, but I don't have permission to change the settings on the module to enable it. Which leads me to my next, bigger problem...

Access control. The access control part of my admin panel is nowhere to be found. I have no idea what to do about that one, or how it happened.

I also would like to get freetagging going, like on Kairosnews where you see under each post, "tags: cccc, higher education, ncte, open source" and you can just type in words as categories when you're posting instead of selecting categories from a menu. I'm not sure which module makes that happen.

Then there's the taxonomy_image module, which, if I understand it accurately, will let me categorize posts under both words and images. But I haven't been able to get it working either; when doing test posts, I don't see categorizing the post under an image as an option.

Finally, I haven't been able to get the service_links module to work. This is the one that will enable anyone to bookmark links to any of my posts on del.icio.us and the like. I guess most people use the bookmarklets for that anyway, though.

Edited to add: Anyone notice how my posting dropped off around October 2005 and hasn't been the same since? That is, I believe, directly attributable to the job search and the mad dash to finish my dissertation. Things are going to pick back up again, however.


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Try going to

Try going to culturecat.net/admin/access to get to the access control manually.
Maybe it's just the menu item not displaying.

If i remember correctly freetagging is just there by default...If you see a little circle at the end (on the right) of the input box it will do the lookup once you stop typing.

I use service_links and I updated it to the latest CVS version 2 days ago.
Works very well. http://www.dieinter.net

Good luck!

Access denied

I tried going to access control manually and got "access denied." One problem may be that I don't have a root user account anymore. I'm user #3 and the main admin (I didn't install Drupal myself).

Also, I post at a blog that has the freetagging, and it has a little form field where you can type the tags. I don't have the form, and I don't see a circle at the right of the input box, either.

Some suggestions

  • Access controls. Try disabling all of the contrib modules you have installed. See if the access controls are available. If so, then turn the contrib modules back on one at a time until you find the offending module.

    Otherwise, try replacing all instances of uid 3 in your db tables with uid 1. That will make you the root user. Jonathan should be able to do this with a little mysql magic. Just execute global replacements using the SQL options in phpmyadmin (make a db backup as a precaution). There will be multiple tables to do this to.

  • Freetagging is a just a categories option. Edit your existing vocab to turn it on.
  • Your problems with getting other modules to work is probably directly related to your access control issues. You may need admin access for them to set appropriate configuration settings.


I probably won't be able to get to this for a while, but it's good to know I have some suggestions. I do want to keep most of the contrib modules I installed, so I'll go ahead and disable the ones I'm not using and see what happens.

Freetagging works now


Also, I disabled some of the modules -- the ones that haven't really worked anyway. The others I want to keep for the time being: footnotes, tagadelic, month, contact, countdown, comment_closer, and a few others.

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