Finally, 100 Things About Me

I know I'm kind of late to this party, but what the heck:

  1. Every time I see a bottle of calamine lotion, the song "Poison Ivy" gets stuck in my mind.
  2. Every time I fly, during takeoff the song "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" gets stuck in my mind. (In the video, they steal a plane.)
  3. I love the show Everybody Loves Raymond.
  4. I am the biggest misocapnist you know. I guarantee it.
  5. Sometimes, when my feet feel really good and I feel good all over (my feet have to feel good in order for this to happen), I think that if other people could experience how good it feels to be me, they'd never want to be themselves again.
  6. I drive a 1998 Honda Civic with the following stickers: Keep Abortion Legal, a Lucinda Williams World Without Tears sticker, and a Kasey Chambers The Captain sticker.
  7. I lived with my parents until I was 24 years old.
  8. The biggest regret of my life is caving in to family pressure and going to college in my hometown rather than going away.
  9. Some of the celebrities I have crushes on are Tobey Maguire, Wes Bentley, Hyde from That 70s Show, and Matt Damon, and I do not find Brad Pitt the least bit attractive.
  10. My favorite band is The Ramones. I never got the opportunity to see them live.
  11. I often look at other women's upper arms and stomachs and think, "Her upper arms are thinner than mine." "Her stomach is flatter than mine."
  12. I was class president my sophomore year and junior year of high school, and decided not to run my senior year--I wanted to be editor-in-chief of the yearbook instead.
  13. When brushing my teeth, I use very hot water. It seems cleaner.
  14. I recently started a diet. It's simple: No calorie-containing beverages except coffee with cream & sugar in the morning. The rest of the day, it's herbal tea and water only. Also, I don't eat after 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., and sometimes, before a meal, I drink a lot of water and eat two Metamucil wafers. Psyllium fiber is good for you, and it expands in your stomach, lessening hunger.
  15. I doubt I will ever get married or have children.
  16. My cholesterol is high, hence the diet.
  17. I want to go to a Star Trek convention.
  18. I have always had insomnia, ever since I was a child. I'm looking into getting acupuncture for it.
  19. My mother and my mother's mother are breast cancer survivors.
  20. My favorite color is red.
  21. In my right ear, I only have about 60-70% hearing. I always had ear problems as a child--lots of tympanoplasties. My hammer, anvil, and stirrup bones (in the middle ear) are prosthetic.
  22. Technically, I know how to swim, but I can only doggie-paddle.
  23. I have very long fingers. People used to tell me I'd be good at piano. I took piano lessons for a while, but sucked at it.
  24. I prefer movies and TV to music.
  25. I still love all my exes. When I'm in a relationship with someone, at some point a kind of suturing happens, where I think, I will always love this person, no matter what happens between us. It's not a let's-get-back-together kind of love, more like an overall benevolence.
  26. My first semester teaching first-year composition was an absolute nightmare. The students talked during class all the time, wore their headphones, and read the newspaper. It took me some time to get that authority thing down.
  27. I have never traveled abroad, unless you count Canada.
  28. I paint my toenails, but never my fingernails.
  29. I'm always hot, even when other people are cold.
  30. I hate creamy soups and creamy sauces. I get grossed out by dairy products a lot, especially milk.
  31. I like my peanut butter extra crunchy.
  32. I'm from Alabama, and I get upset when people bad-mouth the South, especially if they haven't lived there. Yee-haw! Play some Skynyrd!
  33. When I was in college, I used to go to clubs wearing a viking helmet and all kinds of other strange get-ups--old hideous prom dresses found in thrift stores, etc.
  34. I used to be insanely jealous in my relationships. I'm much less so now.
  35. The other day, I crossed a picket line for the first time and cried.
  36. I am a Christian, but in a complicated non-fundamentalist kind of way.
  37. I am an only child, and growing up, I was terribly lonely. Now I'm okay with the fact that I don't have siblings.
  38. I'm not a sports fan, but basketball and hockey are okay.
  39. I love New Orleans.
  40. My favorite flower is a peach-colored rose.
  41. I'm a little bit superstitious. I pick up pennies that are heads-up, make a wish when I pull out an eyelash, etc.
  42. Celebrities I've met include George "Goober" Lindsey, G. Love, the drummer of No Doubt, two members of Fishbone, and Gloria Steinem.
  43. I have never taken out a student loan.
  44. When I was sixteen, I had a car wreck and broke my pelvis in five places.
  45. Until my late teens, I could eat eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, hashbrowns, and pancakes at 2:00 in the morning if I wanted and still weigh 103 pounds. I'd like that kind of metabolism again. Alas, it is not to be.
  46. Ideologically, I am an environmentalist, but I'm decidedly NOT outdoorsy.
  47. I hope there is intelligent life on other planets, and if that's the case, I would love to meet intelligent alien species in my lifetime.
  48. I'd also like to travel to other planets. Sometimes I go to other planets in my dreams.
  49. My dad was always reading to me when I was a child. Most of the time, it was your standard Little Golden Books and other children's books, but he also read me Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I loved the pictures and my dad's explanations of things like black holes and red dwarfs.
  50. I have the worst luck when it comes to flashlights. Put one in my hand and the batteries will go dead immediately.
  51. I'm good at remembering people's names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  52. My friends, especially my friends who don't live close by, don't call or email me as much as I call or email them. I used to resent it. Now I have come to appreciate my role as a nurturer of friendships. I think being an only child makes me place more value on friendships.
  53. If I can get anything I want on a pizza, I get pepperoni, tomatoes, jalapenos, and banana peppers.
  54. In the 1992 election, I voted for Bush the First. Thank God for deprogramming.
  55. I minored in photography in college. I rarely shoot photographs anymore, but I still entertain the idea of doing photography as a career someday.
  56. It would be cool to have a job where I had the opportunity to teach writing, photography, AND women's studies.
  57. I think just about everything in this society is too privatized, including education, knowledge and culture (hello Disney!), and health care.
  58. I have never held, much less shot, a gun.
  59. I have no sense of direction whatsoever.
  60. My favorite sandwich from Subway is a red wine vinaigrette club.
  61. I should read the news more often.
  62. I still have a videotape of hair band videos I made when I was in eighth grade--Headbangers' Ball when Adam Curry was the host. I still watch it occasionally.
  63. I need to work on writing literature reviews; I'm still not very good at it.
  64. I rarely cook. I know how, but I just don't enjoy it.
  65. I cut tomatoes in wedges, not slices.
  66. When I'm depressed, I play some happy music like "Let Me Blow Your Mind" by Eve or "Head Over Heels" by the Go-Gos and dance in my room.
  67. I use one of those toothpaste tube flatteners.
  68. I wish I enjoyed exercise.
  69. I care A LOT about my students.
  70. I like woodsy, herbal, floral, and spicy fragrances more than fruity ones.
  71. My paternal grandmother died of a stroke when I was 19.
  72. My maternal grandfather had Alzheimer's for many years and died when I was in my 20s.
  73. My favorite poets are John Keats, Anne Sexton, and Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  74. People say I'm too trusting.
  75. People also say I have a very good memory.
  76. I have an intense appreciation for comedy. Some of my favorite comics are Amy Sedaris, David Sedaris, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes, and Jennifer Saunders.
  77. I relax by watching The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Blind Date, and The 5th Wheel.
  78. I am both fascinated and repulsed by the idea of alpha males and alpha females. I see this little drama being played out all the time, though.
  79. I pay my bills as soon as I get them in the mail.
  80. I like reading theory.
  81. My two biggest fears are running over someone, especially a child, with my car, and looking out the window and seeing some scary person or monster looking back in at me.
  82. I've never had any desire to drive cross-country.
  83. I've never had any desire to live "out west"--Colorado, California, whatever.
  84. I like amusement parks.
  85. At the Minnesota State Fair a few months ago, I had a deep-fried Snickers bar and thought it was divine.
  86. I've never dived (scuba-dived or off a diving board).
  87. I didn't realize until I was in graduate school how much I love playing softball (at the U of Tennessee, we played intramural softball).
  88. I also like to shoot hoops. Not play basketball, just shoot hoops.
  89. I was a nerdy child who wore a big retainer-like mouth appliance called a bionator. The other kids made fun of me because I had an unusual name, was nerdy, and they said I was ugly (I wasn't, but children can be so cruel yadda yadda). But when they needed help with school work, they would practically prostrate themselves for me.
  90. I think the world would be a better place without people. When I first read Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence, I found myself in agreement with a lot that Rupert Birkin was saying--well, except the misogyny.
  91. People tell me my southern accent is fading. I'm sad about that.
  92. I'm a huge procrastinator.
  93. I think there is too much infighting within the women's movement.
  94. I had terrible acne for twelve years until I took Accutane in the spring of 1998.
  95. I think the grossest thing in the world is when someone smokes a cigarette and drinks a glass of milk at the same time.
  96. My dad used to make up stories to tell me. They were always set on the bank of Cypress Creek, which was in the subdivision where we lived. The main characters were Billy Beaver and Clancy Ann Rabbit.
  97. As a child, I used to pick up frogs and kiss them to see if they would turn into princes.
  98. There's a lot about me that I don't say here on my blog, a lot I'm afraid to say.
  99. The best teacher I've ever had is Lisa Minor at the University of North Alabama.
  100. I'm aware of the irony in my saying the best teacher I've ever had was at UNA, while simultaneously I regret having gone to college in my hometown. As I get older, I play that "If this hadn't happened to me, that wouldn't have happened" game more often.
  101. I take great pleasure in refilling things, like salt shakers and liquid hand soap dispensers.


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We're kindred spirits, in som

We're kindred spirits, in some ways! I'm totally with you as far as regretting losing my accent. It slips out on me every now and then, though.

I love reading 100 things about people -- it's also a good way to just sit down and reflect about yourself.

Yeah, I agree. I just looked

Yeah, I agree. I just looked at your 100 things again. As for the accent, there are little idioms I'm stealthily trying to implement in Minnesotan speech: "I'll tell you WHAT!" (said for emphasis at the end of a statement), and "Bless his/her heart".

That was FUN!

I loved reading your list---I've been in the process of moving and haven't checked out your blog in a while. I must comment on your Hyde crush----BACK OFF! I love that man...

Lookin' foward to seeing you Thanksgiving time,

I will fight you for Hyde!

Heh. Seriously, I'm excited about coming home too!!! See you soon.

Clancy, this is so damn cool.

Clancy, this is so damn cool. I'm glad to know all these things about you- especially your good-feelin' feet.


i'm sure, on some level, all

i'm sure, on some level, all of us chickies suffer from the 'her arms are thinner than mine/her tummy is flatter than mine' syndrome.

and colorado ain't bad; you should give it a whirl sometime.

I love your list!

I emailed you before about your pretty knitted hat! I also grew up in the South (Williamsburg, VA and Raleigh, NC) but I always go back to visit the folks a few times a year. I've been in Minnesota since 1994 and I've also been told my accent is fading. Funny thing is whenever I return to VA, it seems to get stronger again. :) Go figure. I hope I never completely lose it because I consider it a huge part of my heritage and who I am. A good old southern girl. Zeldabeast (Becky)
and P.S. I had that deep-fried snicker bar at the State Fair, too! It was awesome. One word of advice - remember it was coated with powdered sugar? I was wearing all black that day until I coughed and "POOF!" I ended up being the one who was sugar coated.

addition to #9

Must add Josh Lucas to my list of celebrity crushes.

#61 & # 98

If you _do_ decide to read news more, I'd recommend BBC World Service online over any mainstream American news. Other European news networks (e.g., Deutsche Welle, which offers a site in English as well as the German one) also give a less myopic and jingoistic view of what's going on.

Curiosity: do you sense that anyone has written you differently after having read your 101 list, as opposed to having read only specific entries on various intellectual topics? Is it standard procedure for bloggers to reveal even this much of their personal lives? (I say "even this much" because of #98.)

Re: #61 & # 98

Hey, Stuart. Thanks for the news recommendations; I'm reading more news now than when I wrote the original list, but I could stand to read still more.

Do I sense that anyone has written me differently? I don't quite understand the question. You mean a difference in the way people address me, in terms of tone? As for your question about standard procedure, I'm not sure...I don't reveal nearly as much about myself as do many of the new (and fabulous) pseudonymous bloggers, like Bitch. Ph.D., Professor Dyke, New Kid on the Hallway, Prof. Goose, Playing School, Irreverently, and many more. I don't think it's very feasible, or desirable, to separate completely one's intellectual and emotional thoughts, and I don't try to do that here. I'd rather read a mix on others' blogs, so I try to offer that too.

But about my 101 things list...I'm thinking about starting a "100 more things about me" list. Some things have changed since I wrote the last list, especially #11 and #64.

lathe biosas

Clancy, I'm not surprised that my question was vaguely put; I was having a hard time framing it. As you know, blogging is totally new to me. I tend toward taking Epicurus' advice to "live inconspicuously/invisibily." So here I found myself reading all this interesting personal stuff about you, while I myself was elusively ensconced in the shadows, not having revealing anything other than what came out in the few 'academic' e-mails we'd exchanged. It felt like an "imbalance." I've done some writing on the history of privacy, and also about the way political leaders display themselves while remaining inscrutable, as a way of exercising and maintaining power. So, I suppose, issues involving the private-public and personal-political distinctions are of interest to me both in terms of my own way of living, and on a much larger scale. There's something new and strange about this electronic form of semi-exposure and its attendant creation of a new kind of public realm or social space. I suspect that it's very important.

#27 & #48

I do not know how to get my name displayed.

My name is Chris.

You should go abroad before going to other planets. There is a world outside North America. You don't know what you are missing, I do ...

even grosser

I think the grossest thing in the world is when someone smokes a cigarette and drinks a glass of milk at the same time.

It's grosser when people light up when they're done eating (and you're not) then use their dirty plate as an ashtray. I'll take the milk drinker any day.

You're not a procrastinator

You're not a procrastinator, you're an overachiever.


Accutane has horrible long-term side-effects. Trust me, I know.


Hi, I'm Clancy.

"Not a procrastinator"? Evidently, you don't know me at all. :) But seriously, thanks for calling me an overachiever, assuming you meant it as a compliment.

Hey, jj, I'm sorry to hear about the side effects you've experienced. I went and looked at some of the forums devoted to Accutane use, and it seemed that the people who are having the problems took two or three courses of Accutane. I only did one course of it back in early 1998. I haven't experienced any side effects so far.


I cannot find "misocapnist" in my online dictionary. What does this word mean?


It's a word for one who hates cigarette smoke. :-)

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