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Just a few things I've seen online...this hasn't been the greatest past few days for me. Right now, I have a mouth ulcer that is so intensely painful I can barely think straight. It's under my tongue, on the right side, and it feels like someone has taken a knife with a serrated blade and cut half of my tongue off, leaving the rest of it there to hang on. And I'm reeling from a recent rejection from a journal, gah. I guess mouth ulcers and rejections happen to everyone, though, right? Anyway, to the links:

Some do Cat Blogging, but have you ever seen a blog kept by a cat? No? Well, that's about to change. Liat owns and is owned by the creative and brilliant Jasperboi.

Is this a joke? The article is written by a professor who has extremely severe penalties for tardiness, talking during class, and ringing cell phones. Quite lockstep, if he's for real, that is. Via La Di Da.

I want to see Super Size Me, a documentary about a man who eats McDonald's food three times a day for 30 days. He ends up gaining about 25 pounds, feeling nauseous all the time, and getting some rather disturbing results from cholesterol and liver toxicity tests. Via Feministe.

Earth Wide Moth is making me want to read some Gertrude Stein. I pulled my Norton Anthology of Literature by Women off the shelf and will soon be reading "The Gentle Lena," "Picasso," and "Ada."

It's time for a new baby blanket...all I can say about that is that it is not I who will be having said baby. Off to Jo-Ann for soft baby yarn and Walgreen's for Anbesol.


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Sorry to hear about the journal rejection, Clancy. I hope the reviewers were considerate enough to give you some useful feedback for revising the article (and perhaps re-submitting, or submitting to another journal - the journal for which I am an Associate Editor makes such recommendations when we receive a manuscript that isn't necessarily bad but isn't right for us).

On another topic, will you be attending this year's Computers and Writing conference? I learned about the organization last year as it was meeting, from either your blog or Feministe, and submitted a proposal this year. It was accepted, and I'm looking forward to going and meeting others who are using blogs in their teaching.


Hey, Elle, Yeah, there is

Hey, Elle,

Yeah, there is lots of feedback, but I need someone to help me prioritize the comments--I've contacted a couple of my professors about it.

I'm going to CCCC this year, but unfortunately can't afford to go to Computers and Writing too. Hawaii is pretty expensive.


Yeah, traveling just about anywhere from here is expensive, too. My faculty development allowance is undoubtedly much more generous than graduate student stipends.

I'm also fortunate in that one of the terms of the grant that helped me introduce blogging into one of my classes last quarter requires me to give a presentation about it at an appropriate conference, and therefore also pays for it. What a happy coincidence that it just happens that CW2004 is in Hawaii.

CCCC is outside my areas of expertise, but maybe I'll be able to meet you in person some time at NCA - I make it to that about every other year.


Fabulous! I definitely want t

Fabulous! I definitely want to go to NCA next year; if that's one of your on-years, see you there.

FWIW, I don't know if the Ada

FWIW, I don't know if the Adams article on class penalties is a joke or not, but I do know that the townhall site is backed by the conservative thinktank, The Heritage Foundation. And Adams bio reads like some kind of weird conservative conversion narrative...

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