Blog Redesign

Okay, let's hear it. What do you think of the redesign? I've been meaning to do it for a while. My friend Adam made me three images, and when I was first trying to decide which one to use as the banner, most people I asked picked this one I have now. I decided to go with the other one with the red and black polka dots and the retro font, with the intention to do a redesign later. Let me know how it strikes you. I can always go back to the previous design, but I will keep this one for a couple of months regardless of what folks think. :-P

By the way...please tell me if the favicon you see is red or blue. I changed it to blue and FTP'ed it, and on my roommate's browser, it is blue (she uses Safari). On mine (Mozilla), it's still red, gah.

Update: Favicon is finally blue. I had to go in and rename the file, but at last I can rest.


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My vote is for this one...'s more mischevious...i like mischevious...


I agree w/ Scott....

I like this one. The old one was more innocent and cutesy. I liked it, but I think this one is more fitting. btw, the highlighted thingies (favicons??) are blue on my computer. I am oblivious to all this terminology, sorry ;)
Jen (Clark)

I agree w/Scott and Jen

I actually said "Whoa" out loud when I saw the redsign. I admit, I'm partial to the color blue anyway, but I like the cat graphic at the top of the page quite a bit.

the redesign

i like :)



Looks nice. favicon is blue (Mozilla Firebird).


I like these fonts and the other cat...just a thought...


I like it

Looks great. One suggestion: on my browser, the cat's shadow is cut off on the right side, so the picture seems to end unnaturally, rather than blending into the white background. What if you were to use the lasso tool in Photoshop to select the image but not the text, and flip the image 180 degrees, so that the cat would be on the left and the title on the right, and its shadow would appear to be cut off by the left edge of the browser rather than by white space?

Just a thought.

Me, too

I really like this new look. Way cool.

Ok, I'll bite--and admit my stupidity--what's a favicon?



You can only see favicons in Mozilla, Netscape, and Safari (that I know of). A favicon is a little icon that appears just to the left of the URL in the address field of the browser, and then with Mozilla, you can do what's called "tab browsing," and the favicon appears in the tab. Mine is a little paw print: The paw print is white; the background is blue. :-)

glad to see I wasn't the only one...

who had no idea what it was. :-)

Jen (Clark)

I'm late to the party, but I

I'm late to the party, but I like it a lot. The new kitty definitely has more of an attitude (which I like).


I like it ah-lot! :D Plus,

I like it ah-lot! :D
Plus, your pics on orkut, totally hott.


favicon.ico is in fact -surprise- a microsoft standard. the ico gave i away.

they didnt really made the standard standard in all their browsers. in some ie versions, the ie will only show up in your bookmarks, in some the browser will ignore the code where the favicon is located or named but just go straight to the /favicon.ico and in some ie browsers it will be visible in the address bar

since ie wont be updated -just some *cough* bugfixes every wednesday- till longhorn, you might want to give a gecko based browser a try, for example mozilla.



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