Spring Break Shorts

  • I need to pre-order the new book by Siva Vaidhyanathan. Also, now might be the time to buy an iPod.
  • Another article on gender in the blogosphere. Consider this thought:

    If you accept the premise of the blogosphere as a true meritocracy, a place where our intellectual (and emotional) impulses can flourish unchecked, then you're buying into the concept of the blog world as a window into human nature. If that's the case, the blogosphere -- with perhaps just four percent female participation in poliblogs -- shows us that while women are just as interested as men in spouting off, they're fundamentally less interested than men in spouting off about politics.

    Or perhaps people don't recognize what women spout off about as politics proper.

  •   Irish Sushi, via Rebecca Blood. Yum.
  • Ann Wizer, an American artist in Indonesia, is making tote bags out of ephemeral plastic bags (grocery bags, etc.). She did this in an attempt to clean up the environment and create jobs. So guess what happened...

    Not all manufacturing companies appreciate Wizer's efforts. Last year, the German soft drink company Capri-Sonne threatened to sue for trademark infringement. They settled out of court when Wizer agreed to distribute her Capri-Sonne bags -- her most popular design -- through schools only.

    "For the big companies, this is the real issue. When does trademark die? When it's thrown away or when it goes up in toxic flames?" she says. "Frankly, they should be paying me for cleaning up their trash."


  • A friend of mine whom I haven't talked to in years just emailed me. I can't wait to catch up with her. One night she and I attended a Gloria Steinem talk at the University of Tennessee, which a bunch of horrid archconservatives had also attended. She and I hung around and met Steinem afterward and then were so wired that we picked up burgers at Wendy's, went back to her apartment, and talked about feminism until about 1:00 a.m. Good times.


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I definitely get the appeal of the mini--they are very cool. But, honestly: $250? Seems absurdly expensive for what it offers in terms of actual equipment. I guess much of that price tag is for the chic you purchase. I think I pretty well missed the chic boat. Give me something ugly, functional, and cheap. ;)

I didn't even look at the pri

I didn't even look at the price; I was wooed by the large amount of storage space. It's not as if I could afford even a cheap one, though. I'll have to be content with my flash drive. Speaking of ugly and functional, I'll have to post an image of my cell phone in the next few days, heh.

Interesting Quote

...about the gender issue and poliblogs. It would be interesting to compare gender make-up of poliblogs with gender make up of political organizations & bodies. I don't know the percentage, but congress seems pretty dominated by men (though I'm sure congress is more than 4% female).

Since you're interested in rhetoric & feminist issues, may I point you to:


This is an article published in gnovis, the online journal of communications, culture and technolgy, which I manage. The article takes a look at language surrounding women and sports in sports news coverage of the olympics. It may fit into your research interests.


Daniel Waldman

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