I *Heart* Farscape

A big bad link roundup on CCCC complete with notes and incisive critique is coming up, I promise, but for now I simply must blog about Farscape. Charlie has declared before that I would definitely love the show, and to that end, loaned me the best of season one and season two DVDs. I have seen only five episodes, but already I love it, love it, love it, and I want to see every single episode. For some reason, they chose to put the best (most visually stunning, "emotionally satisfying") episodes on the DVDs, and as a result it lacks continuity. I MUST see all of them. Everything about the show is awesome--the premise is, Commander John Crichton, a NASA astronaut and a character with whom I'm smitten, gets shot through a wormhole and ends up on a ship which is actually a living leviathan named Moya with a group of prisoners who are trying to escape and go back home. I'll say more about it later, of course, especially since there seems to be a need for feminist analyses of Farscape, as evidenced by my referrer logs. But for now, a couple of random cool things about the show:

  • Intertextuality: I'm sure I haven't picked up on most of it, but one thing that was campily cool was that when Crichton woke up on Moya and was promptly smacked around by the crew of the ship since they didn't know him or his motives, after the beating, he was about to pass out and said, "Danger, Will Robinson!" The Lost in Space theme is picked up again in the character Rygel, who is a lot like Dr. Smith.
  • Feminism: There is no hierarchy on the ship as far as I can tell--it's an anarchic anti-structure in which most, if not all decisions are made by consensus. The female characters are very physically strong, morally complex, smart, and edgy.

More soon. :-)


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I *Heart* Farscape

Me too :)

Not surprised you are hooked after 5 episodes either. And now you know why I think it's the best sci-fi show in the last 20 years :)

BTW: Link to Save Farscape, not the Sci Fi channel.

John IS hot...

Girl, you are not the only one smitten with John. He makes my heart flutter.


Why is Crichton so HOT?

Your comment has really been making me think, S. Why is it that I'm crushing on Crichton? I think it's a little too easy--of course he is the most beautiful man ever to be on a sci-fi TV series, by American cultural standards. He has a perfect body, thick dark blond hair, a strong jaw, a gorgeous smile, full lips, and soulful blue eyes:

But what makes him attractive is the fact that he is funny and he keeps it real. He only wants Aeryn Sun; he loves her. He had opportunities with Jalina (sp?) and kind of with Chiana (I'm thinking of the scene when she wants to kiss him and says "You saved my life" and he gives in a little but not entirely). In other words, he has plenty of mojo, but it's all for Aeryn. With Crichton, there is that tension between longing and restraint in the name of virtue. He's not a watered-down cad like Kirk or Will Ryker; he's more like Picard. Aaargh, that episode where Famke Janssen plays the metamorph and Picard's desire for her is intense almost to the point of being TANGIBLE. She wants him as much, but he refuses because it isn't appropriate. It would have violated the Prime Directive (****shudder****). Meow.


I could also link to the Twin Cities Scapers. I want to hang out with these people and bum cable off them.

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