Taking Copyfighters to Task

Charlie is pointing out that there are many copyfighters who aren't using open source software for their weblogs. His point is well-taken; it makes me think of Yochai Benkler's contention that if the internet is really going to be free, it needs to be free at the physical layer, the logical layer, and the content layer. I noticed that there are more copyfighters who don't (yet) use open source software:

Rad Geek and Mike are still with MT too, but I think they'll be switching soon.

I am certainly not trying to pick on anyone here, and I know Charlie isn't either, but this is a kairotic moment for conversations about proprietary and open source software. To paraphrase Matt Barton's hyperbolic words playfully, let's remove our lips from the poisoned suckbottle of proprietary software and switch to the wholesome breast of open source. :)

Update: See subsequent posts here and here.


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More Thoughts on Copyfighters and Open Source Weblog Software

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Clancy followed up my post at Kairosnews with a list of more copyfighters who use proprietary/non open source software to run their weblogs. I would suspe


Yep, I'm busted. I have every intention of switching over, really I do, but the struggle is actually getting the IT folks to let me install Drupal. They have slowed around and given me excuses all semester so my next step is to install it on a dept. server and run my blog from there. We recently got a tech. grant to upgrade some servers and do some other things so now I just need to wait for parts :-)

Open or Closed?

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Open or Closed? I hesitate to say anything, but some debates seem almost as counterproductive as the stench of patchouli....

dept. servers

you know,i can help you in a couple weeks if you like. i'll be up there for a couple of days looking for a place to live.

Mea Culpa

I know, I know. I've been nagged about this before (and rightly so). I'm not interested in moving to a new tool until I can get a domain set up, so I'm hoping sometime this calendar year to do both.


copyfighter? me?

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Clancy and Charlie began a discussion today about copyfighters who still use proprietary applications, particularly closed-source blogware. I'll agree that practicing what one preaches is definitely a good thing. I'll argue that one should definitely strive for integrity as much...

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