Family Reunion, circa 1978

Here I am with my cousins and my great-grandmother on my dad's side, whom we all called Mother Myrtle (we called our grandparents on my dad's side Daddy Worth and Mama Rene, as their names are Worth and Irene). I'm sure you can guess which moppet I am:

Now sans Mother Myrtle:

And finally, one of my dad, a nice record of how funny he always was and still is.

I could list a hundred phrases he uttered that made me giggle, but the memory sticks in my mind of my dad driving, staring and sneering in complete disgust at the driver in the car in front of him who was making some kind of error, like not going at a green light, etc. Very dramatically, he'd drawl, "Yooouuu simpleton." :D I'd love to tell stupid people that to their faces, the same way I'd love to give my enemies a dead-serious stare and, eyes fixed on theirs with a straight face, say, "I will destroy you."


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You're going karate on us at the end there.

My grandmother's name is Irene, too.

LOVE your dad's humor. Comedy is so underrated. :)


Changing clothes

Hahaha, notice how the boys are in their suits in the one picture and in t-shirts and shorts in the other. That was, for most nuclear families in both sides of my extended family, a tradition: Suits and dresses for the photo ops and maybe for the meal, but then practical clothes for subsequent outside playing.


SO your dad was a moppet, too, it seems. . . Joanna

Dad's humor

I'm envious, Clancy; and I'm definitely with Michelle re your Dad. My own dad only gets grumpier with each passing year, to the point where I had a recent phone conversation with him and he actually got mad because he couldn't find anything to complain about (!). And you thought I was bad ;-).


I ain't never!

My dad is at his funniest when he's disgusted, I've decided :D :

When he's at the mall or some other crowded place, sometimes he gets frustrated, makes his hilarious disgusted face, and drawls, "Whaaaaat a mass of humanity."

While driving, or if someone's told him something awful, he will get disgusted and say, "I ain't never in my life seen [heard] anything like this." Often, he truncates it to simply, "I ain't never."

Amy met my dad once and said he has a really good energy about him. I'd have to agree! [Edited to add: His humor is a lot like Rodney Dangerfield's, but smarter.]

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