What just happened on SNL?

I'm sitting here with Saturday Night Live in the background, and Ashlee Simpson was about to perform one of her singles (I don't know which one). She started singing, and I think either her microphone flaked out, or she just froze. Anyway, she stopped singing, stood there for a few seconds (UPDATE: Actually, I think she hopped around on one foot for a second, alternating feet), then walked off the stage. The band continued playing, and the guitarists shot each other knowing, somewhat rueful smiles. Then it cut to a commercial. Did anyone else see it? The way my apartment is arranged, I have my back to the TV when I'm on the computer, so I didn't see exactly what occurred. Did she forget the words? Was she exposed as a lip-syncher?

SECOND UPDATE: Simpson explains: apparently "the band started playing the wrong song," so she started "doing a hoedown." :? I don't follow. Couldn't she have just sung the song they were playing? That's what Judy Garland, Debbie Reynolds, Bette Midler, and a host of other truly professional stand-up broads would have done.

THIRD UPDATE: See the hoedown here, and Amy's Robot has an mpeg of the whole thing, as well as a much funnier narrative of the event than what you see here. Now that I've really gotten to watch it, I'm guessing the person running the mixer board was taken out and shot by Lorne Michaels himself.


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ooh! ooh!

I saw it too (hi Clancy, I'm Jodi, Friend Of Jenny).
That was completely weird. The weirdest part was that right at the start of the song, a woman's voice sang about seven words...

I'm wondering if Ms. Simpson was planning on lip synching and it started wrong and so clearly she didn't have her mouth to the mic, realized that she was caught, and freaked?

It amazed me--how many times do you get to play SNL, and then you just walk off the stage because "your band played the wrong song"?
Frankly, I don't think it's possible that a band could play the wrong song--the entire band, all together, playing the wrong song? You only get TWO songs to play on SNL--how hard is it to remember the two songs you chose to play?

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who saw this...it was SO WEIRD.


If you go to her official website that you have linked above, and scroll down to "events" the first one is her SNL listing and it's already got over 250 comments from fans...fascinating! Lots of people talking about her obvious lipsynching on the first song, and being angry that she blamed the band...

And then off course the non-fan comments, including one guy who just writes this over and over: DO NOT BLAME YOUR BAND WHEN THEY JUST WANT TO HELP YOU, YOU NO TALENT ASS CLOWN!!!!!

I love the phrase "no talent ass clown." I'm going to use that soon.

Ah, something new to distract me from the dissertation! :)

Saturday Night... Live?

Saturday Night Live was not as "Live" as people expected last night. Musical Guest Ashlee Simpson poorly lip-synched her first song, and then a technical glitch or mistake led to the wrong vocal track being played for her second performance proving her fraud as she stood there confused while her recorded voice filled the airwaves . Simpson's band picked up the slack, attempting to save the show as Ashlee walked off the stage. Just a minute in (on a musical segment usually four or more minutes long) SNL pulled the plug, cutting quickly to a commercial.


ashlee simpson on SNL

As a professional singer I can tell you exactly what happened. First of all, when a microphone is at your waist, there is no way in the world your voice can be that amplified. Obviously, she was supposed to lip synch to the recorded vocal track. You can even hear the sound engineer after realizing his error, lowering the volume on the mixer board. She was so stunned by this mess up that she started nervously dancing. Ashlee Simpson is just, like most singers today, a phony. She's strictly a studio singer i.e. Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Madonna, even Celine Dion. Elton John had it right when he said people like Madonna should be ashamed of calling themselves real singers.

ashlee simpson

Well, not to slam on Ashlee, but she's not exactly in the same category as older professionals like Bette Midler, Judy Garland and Debbie Reynolds.



Yeah, maybe that's an unfair comparison. :P

i miss snl

now that is just weird. i havent watched snl in SO long. i miss it. but i have no channels. and i have no idea who ashlee simpson is...


the entire band- the wrong song?? out of only 2 songs?!

She's an obvious fraud- but you point out that the band is as well. How could they have all forgotten what to play out of 2 songs to remember- the first they played minutes earlier?! Someone pushed the wrong button. She was a jerk to blame the band on TV- but she is only 19 and a twit. I hope they all quit.

well she is a singer but the

well she is a singer but the only reason she is is beacuse of her sister jessica simpson she does not need to be on snl if she isnt going to at least try to sing

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