Weblog post topics for the week of 25 October

Weblog post topics for the week of 25 October

Choose one of the following:

1.Do an annotation of one of your online sources. Provide a full bibliographical citation with URL, so that others may go to the source if they like.

2.Tell us about your most memorable Halloween.

3.Find an image online that you believe to be making an argument. Display it in the post using the Image Source tag.

a.First, get the URL of the image. To do this on a PC, right click the image, select "Properties," and copy the URL of the image. On a Mac, hold the Control key while clicking on the image and select "Open in new window." Then you'll see the URL of the image in the address bar.

b.Put the image URL in the tag, like this [again with the not being able to make tags show up here, sorry]:
Write a brief analysis of how you believe the image is working rhetorically. What is the
message? What rhetorical appeals are being used, and how? Are you persuaded by it?
Why or why not?