Proliferative Pundits

My advisor suggested that, before my prospectus defense, I write a couple of pages about punditry: its etymology, its connotations, its use in mass media, its use in the blogosphere, and what I mean when I use the term "punditry" in my dissertation. It's an apt recommendation, one a colleague had also made several weeks earlier, so I'm taking it to heart. I don't have the complete explication done yet, but this evening, I've been assembling links to weblogs with "pundit" in the title. If you know of others, please let me know.

Are you ready to find out how many blogs have "pundit" somewhere in the title? Even I was surprised...

So far, we've got [Disclaimer: I mean no offense to anyone in the list below. I'm just very interested in the uptake of the terms "pundit" and "punditry" in the blogosphere, and this list is merely an exercise I did out of curiosity.]:

  1. ArchPundit
  2. InstaPundit
  3. AfricaPundit
  4. FuturePundit
  5. GedankenPundit
  6. Isntapundit
  7. Publius Pundit
  8. AnkleBitingPundits
  9. Punditwatch
  10. QuasiPundit
  11. Happy Fun Pundit*
  12. VodkaPundit
  13. Allahpundit
  14. Sine Qua Non Pundit
  15. BusinessPundit
  16. Weekend Pundit
  17. Israpundit
  18. HokiePundit
  19. BitchPundit
  20. The Indepundit
  23. Powerpundit
  24. Viking Pundit
  25. Calpundit
  26. The Templar Pundit
  28. Flight Pundit
  29. Mark The Pundit
  30. Daddypundit
  31. Patio Pundit
  32. PalmTree Pundit
  33. The Peoria Pundit
  34. EconoPundit
  35. Neophyte Pundit
  36. No Pundit Tended
  37. NZ Pundit
  38. EuroPundits
  39. Stephen Taylor - Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
  40. ParaPundit
  41. Martini Pundit
  42. Evil pundit of doom!
  43. Barcepundit
  44. No Pundit Intended
  45. Hispanic Pundit
  46. Daily Pundit
  47. Gateway Pundit
  48. Mommypundit
  49. Latino Pundit
  50. CaribPundit
  51. RoverPundit
  52. Lifelike Pundits
  53. Kiwi Pundit
  54. Neanderpundit
  55. ZenPundit
  56. The Noble Pundit
  57. GigglePundit
  58. The Dakota Pundit
  59. LawPundit
  60. Pejman Pundit
  61. Pajama Pundits
  62. Mister Pundit
  63. SobekPundit
  64. Israelpundit (different from Israpundit)
  65. SemiPundit
  66. Midwest Pundits
  67. PunditGuy
  68. Enviropundit
  69. Rafah Pundits
  70. LimeyPundit
  71. RightPundit
  72. Europundit (I have Europundits, plural, above, but this is Europundit, singular -- a different blog)
  73. IlliniPundit
  74. Pundit Ex Machina
  75. Tar Heel Pundits
  76. EtherPundit
  77. WhatsAPundit
  78. RoguePundit
  79. Korla Pundit
  80. The Self Made Pundit
  81. Shi'a Pundit
  82. MegaPundit
  83. LakePundit
  84. Paradigm Shifts - The Priss Pundit
  85. Punning Pundit
  88. Carpundit
  89. BuckeyePundit
  90. YalePundits
  91. The Country Pundit
  92. The Lazy Pundit
  94. Neophyte Pundit
  95. Pecoria Pundit
  96. Muslim Pundit
  97. N.O. Pundit
  98. Pundit Heads
  99. BlogPundit
  100. Pensacola Pundit
  101. Prince Pundit
  102. Grand Rapids Pundit
  104. The AugiPundit
  105. Old Right Pundits
  106. Vices & Virtues - Political Punditry and Things
  107. The Pedantic Pundit
  108. Nocturnal Pundit
  109. Haiti Pundit
  110. Placid Pundit
  111. Berkeley Pundits
  112. Wahoo Pundit
  113. Pabst Blue Ribbon Pundit
  114. Europunditry
  115. Minipundit
  116. Punditstar
  117. ConservaPundits
  118. TrinPundit
  119. Armchair Pundits
  121. Rantingpundit
  122. Spundit
  123. GCC Pundit
  124. Sportspundit
  125. Punditchick
  126. Teenagepundit
  127. TaiwanPundit
  128. Bass Pundit
  129. The Affiliate Pundit
  130. VietPundit
  131. The Rude Pundit
  132. Virtual Pundit
  133. Medpundit
  134. Betapundit
  135. PachydermPundit
  136. Delicious Pundit
  137. KelliPundit
  138. Minnesota Pundit
  139. Part-Time Pundit
  140. Peach Pundit
  141. The Purple Pundit
  142. Cal Poly Pundit
  143. Buffalo Pundit
  144. The Zimbabwean Pundit
  145. Black Pundit
  146. Palmetto Pundit
  147. It'sAPundit
  148. Partisan Pundit
  149. Japundit

There's also someone who comments at some blogs with the handle "Spinstapundit."

An aside: While I absolutely agree that I need to explain the significance of the term "pundit" in blogging, the etymology, way I'm using it, etc., I have to say I'm shocked at how many people I talk to who have never heard the word before. I've been asked more than once if it's a term specific to the blogging lexicon, like "trackback." I thought "pundit" was about as household a word as "printer," "migration," or "hijack." Good to know.

Edited to add: I'm discovering some cool new blogs in this endeavor.

* Last I checked, the main page for Happy Fun Pundit was down, but the "Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek" post, one I've liked for some time now, is still available, so I linked to it instead.


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Great Moments in Punditry as read by Children

I'm sure you're aware of this ongoing series, but in case you're not--The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has a regular bit in which children read some of the more biting or volatile moments from recent episodes of pundit commentary shows.

You don't have Rude Pundit on

You don't have Rude Pundit on the list. It's a good one.

Is it just me, or is pundit t

Is it just me, or is pundit taking on a kind of negative connotation? I have to confess that I tend to use "pundit" for someone who takes themselves very seriously, possibly too much so. Perhaps I'm connecting it with pontificate (and not in a papal sense). It has a kind of "talking head" connotation, and while "talking head" actually now seems kind of neutral to me, I think of it as originally being sort of denigrative (you know, folks who aren't actual full figures, we just brought in their heads to talk at you and lend some auctoritas to the proceedings).

Of course it could just me be...

Rude Pundit!

How could I forget the Rude Pundit?! It is a good one.

This is helpful, New Kid.

I appreciate your thoughts (yours too, Brendan -- I wish I had cable TV now!). I'm interested to know others' impressions of the words "pundit" and "punditry."

By the way, New Kid, I'm not ignoring this thread; I intend to respond whenever I can think of something halfway decent. :-)

mid-day on MPR

David Lillehaug descripbed himself this morning on Mid-day as:

"traveling the well worn path from failed candidate to pundit."

Thought you might like that, it brought a smlie to my lips.


I've grown up in the DC area and lived here nearly all of my life, and the word "pundit" is in the drinking water, I believe. "Political Pundits" are what we specialize in, and the word has always had the connotation of someone who is actively involved in and extremely vocal about politics. A journalist? A commentator? A politician? Perhaps being well-known is part of the definition, too.

One More Pundit

I have "Virtual Pundit"

Added you

Thanks, Virtual Pundit! :-)

I'm so sick of the word that

I'm so sick of the word that for a couple of years now I have actually been assiduously avoiding blogs with the world "pundit" in the title!

It's never been anything like a popular word amongst anyone in my circles - other than with bloggers I come across on the web.

And though it's not specifically negative, I don't think it has a particularly positive connotation. I find the word a bit pretentious, frankly. (Though I imagine some people use it in their blog title because of that - as a sort of joke.) But I wouldn't want to DEFINE WHO I AM with label that means "critic" & "very opinionated"... Kind of makes one sound like an obstinate, judgemental, curmudgeon, doesn't it? hahaha! Not exactly someone with whom one would want to go on a Sunday afternoon picnic in the park. hahaha. ;)

Why I chose to be a "Pundit" blogger

I liked what you had to say about the connotations of the word "pundit." I thought perhaps you might like to hear the perspective of one of the miriad of pundits in the blogosphere. In my case it is a reaction to the punditry that i have been subjected to through the media all my life. Why are they so important, or why do their ideas and biases get published. What do they have to offer over lowly little me - who will never be published outisde of the letters to the editor section of my local paper - that is so valuable. I chose to have a pundit blog because I figure I have about as much to say as the rest of them, not because I thought that was so much or so important.

Connotations of "pundit"

New Kid: "Is it just me, or is pundit taking on a kind of negative connotation?"

If it is, then that's all for the best, but the people who seem to be most under the sway of the "pundit" spell (such as, for example, the "pundits" themselves) still seem to be under the impression that it's something good to be--if perhaps the occasion for a little phoney self-effacing humor.

So, just to make sure that lines of communication remain clear, I'll stick to calling them "know-nothing blowhards" for the time being.

Why I chose Pundit

Aside from the illiteration, I chose pundit for it's exact meaning; a source of opinion or a learned person. My particular style of punditry is pedantic. But I think that first and basic meaning is what makes the sobriquet so popular. Isn't that the power of the blogshpere? ANYBODY can get thier opinion heard, just by typing it out. I think the reclaiming of the term pundit, is at the root of the 'battle' that is raging between the main stream media and bloggers.

Good Luck

Good luck for the defense! I happened to stumble on your blog upon the recommendation of a friend. As someone who went through a prospectus defense not too long ago I kinda like the idea of an intellectual genealogy as a presentation/discussion. I think you've already been through the worst - finding a date and time that everyone can agree on! Perhaps you might want to tape the defense - might be difficult to recall everything right there and then since I remember being in a blur right afterwards (but then again at my school the defense is structured quite formally) and you might want to chat with your chair right after or vice versa :-).

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