"Dear Adjunct Faculty Member:"

Burn. This one pretty much covers all the bases, except maybe the lack of office space. Link widely. I miss IA!


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Anyone hear from her?

Who needs money? (I sure do...)

Hi Clancy! I found your blog in the traditional blogging fashion, by clicking through other people's blogs. Just wanted to say that I love your site, and I can relate to lots of things you have up here.

What a great link...I am a newbie adjunct (a yearlong hiatus between Master's Degrees) and I'm still getting adjusted to adjunct life. I love begging for weeks to sign the payroll forms and then two weeks into the semester getting yelled at for not having my forms signed...or piecing enough jobs together to be full time but not getting any benefits because none of the individual jobs are full time...

But enough complaining. I do love what I do. I feel like I work 24 hours a day, but I'm learning a lot along the way.



So this is just for a year, and then you'll go on to this new master's degree. What's your field? I hope you'll write about your experiences doing adjunct teaching.

Timna -- I exchanged a few emails with IA over a year ago, but we were never tight. I don't know what she's doing now, but I hope she's happy and successful and that someone is finally appreciating her talents.


I wish people wouldn't publish articles like this. It makes the locals think that adjuncts actually get paid $4,000 a semester somewhere. We almost pay that for a *full professor* who is doing extra teaching for a semester, but not quite. Try about $1,500 less, if you have a Ph.D.

Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds tough. But we recently heard that fulltime faculty at other universities are making $150K, so we need to step up the exploitation. Luckily, Ph.D. holders in town can be picked up on any street corner, video rental shop, or coffee house. Chances are they'll have an M.D. or a J.D. to boot.

4k is unheard of around here.

4k is unheard of around here.

what i really want to know is why none of the schools i teach at can give me a file folder. all i want is a file folder. is that too much to ask? just one. oh yeah, and a functiong computer in the adjunct room. the commodore 64 really doesn't cut it.

i like your blog!
mean regression


Hehe I missed that part...but it's true, $4000 doesn't happen here either. I teach at a private university and in a large state community college system, and I'm happy with $3000 if I can get it.

By the way...I do plan on pursuing a full career in academia, but I finished my MA in late September and did not have the stamina to leap right into a second Master's Degree. My undergraduate degrees (2 of 'em) were in Spanish and Communication and my first Master's degree was in Communication. I've been accepted to Oxford for the second Master's Degree, this time in European literature. Right now I teach 3 introductory communication classes (including the standard rite-of-passage public speaking course) as well as work 25 hours a week as an educational technologist at the private university. I'm trying to make some money for Oxford, and am on standby to hear about some scholarships.


$4000?! Sign me up!

I earn less than $2000 for sixteen-week classes. No benefits, no sick-days, no office. One college that shall remain nameless offered me $900 for a 14-week class - I told them that I would only teach the class if they doubled the pay, and they agreed.


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