Wikipedia: The Heavy Metal Umlaut Article

Specifically, a screencast about it. [edited to remove redundancy] Via Collin.

In other news, Sam is trying to decide what to wear at CCCC. I'm all packed, and as I said in a comment under Sam's post, my clothes will be fairly casual, but not slovenly. I'm not knocking myself out, just wearing clothes I teach in (you'll see in the pictures I post from the conference.). I'm bringing one pair of jeans, but I might not wear them until the plane ride home. If I had a pseudonymous blog about academia, maybe I'd write a fashion report about CCCC, seeing if trends in my field are in keeping with what people have pointed out at Invisible Adjunct -- for example, power suits for the job-seeking and baggy, frumpy clothes with "large ethnic jewelry" for the tenured. I don't at all have strong opinions about the way academics dress, but it's going to be fun to notice, like playing that road trip game where you notice the states on car tags.


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Jeans, sweaters, long-sleeve T's

But then, that's pretty much what I wear to teach in.

Funny thing about the umlaut piece: I was using it to distract me from finishing up my notes, and ended up writing the end of those notes in a way that led me to using Udell in the conclusion of the thing. Okay. So that's not really all that funny. Maybe funny-strange.

Funny was how many of the totally random books I read while I was working on my dissertation found their ways into footnotes and examples. Whether they fit well or not.

Okay. Now I'm just stalling.


I wish I could wear jeans. I

I wish I could wear jeans. I made that mistake at a conference once a long time ago. Trust me, as a young-ish person of multiple Othernesses jeans do not cut the mustard at professional conferences. Have you all ever noticed how much more casual the men at these things are than the women? It's like the more ticks you have in the Otherness category the less freedom you have in clothing. Just more loose change on conference clothing etiquette.

Dr. B.'s Blog

interpretiveAlchemy That is

That is sooo absolutely true about suit versus frump.

I'd say...

...yes to the power suit/frumpfest distinction. And I think you should make a statement with something fun, chic, sexy and colorful. Perhaps, low-rise jeans and a teeny T-shirt (red or purple) with a push-up bra, high-heel leopard print boots, and dangling accessories? :) Or a flirty skirt, camisole, a fun jacket, strappy sandals, and a colorful brooch :) He-he, I'm having tons of fun dressing you! The point being, you could bring a sparkle of glamor and life, really, into the drab academic masses. And then, of course, you could be true to your own style, which is great, of course, and which I suspect you will do.

conference clothes

I've been amazed, when going to conferences in England, how little they care about clothes to present in. I've seen people present in jeans, Ts, and sneakers. Now, I was indoctrinated by a hardcore professional-looking advisor, so I always dress up (not usually suits because I only own one and I wear the pieces separately, but often dresses or suit-ish separates), and would feel utterly uncomfortable in the British model (I don't even teach in jeans!), but it would be freeing not to care so much.

I like the points about the more othernesses you have, the less freedom you have in if you have to "prove" your right to be there, you have to look a certain way...sigh.


As part of my continuing crusade to prove it's possible to be pretty and smart, conference clothing are v. important to me. I think my all-time favorite conference outfit (of course, I'm speaking from a small-n here) was a mid-calf bright pink wool suit skirt, a fitted white blouse, and knee-high black fuck-me boots. Yeah, that was fun :).

Journey to Ithaca

from a non-casual man

I tend to think of conferences, like teaching, as a welcome opportunity to dress well. I see dressing well as sending a message -- for me, when I wear a jacket and (sometimes) a tie and well-polished shoes in the classroom, it's a way to say to my students, "I take this work seriously," so sort of a sign of respect for them -- and ditto for the conference. But more than that, I just like being well-dressed, and think that pressed cotton, silk, and wool all feel good to wear. (Two years ago at the CCCC in NYC I scored tickets to La Boheme; my date and I both Dressed For The Opera, and I think we turned some heads when we left through the convention hotel lobby, her -- in her wicked red dress -- far more than me.) No suit this time, but solid-color cotton dress shirts, a black sport coat (goes with everything), pants not jeans, and those well-polished shoes. I'll probably wear a tie when I present; not so sure about the other days.


Eh, I'm doing my best.

I've got a more professional look going on this time than what I've had at past conferences. I had a suit, but then I lost 40 pounds, so it doesn't fit anymore, and I simply don't have the money to shop for a new suit right now (or, rather, I'm not willing to go into debt to get one). I looked around at consignment shops but didn't see anything that looked good. Heck, I've got two boxes of PowerBars in my hotel room that I bought at the grocery store before coming to San Francisco so I don't have to go out to eat.

As an aside, the one thing that makes me uncomfortable about dressing up is tucking shirts in. Aaargh, I hate that. I'm shortwaisted to the extreme, and I also have a swayback, so tucking anything in looks absolutely awful. I guess I should get over it, though...

tucking in

I NEVER tuck ANYTHING in. (Unless maybe I'm going to have something long completely covering the waistband.) It just doesn't work with my shape either - you can be dressy without tucking!

(It is my dream to lose enough weight to be able to tuck again...but I'm not holding my breath.)


I hear you about the tucking-in thing. It's difficult for women in general to tuck, I think--breasts just get in the way, and then there's the "to blouse out or not to blouse out" debate that just drives me nuts. That's the best thing about really fitted dress shirts that can more or less be tucked straight into one's skirt/pants without needing to deal with all this crap.

Maybe when we're both not broke, we can hit a suit sale and score some great conference wear :).

Journey to Ithaca


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