Bush's Press Conference

Who else is watching it? Want to post your thoughts here?


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I was...

But my comments have been censored so that I do not harm the suspension of disbelief.

Good god,

the man makes some funny faces when he responds to questions.

Whine whine whine

Can this guy ever not whine? Also what was with all the make-up. He looked like he was ready to walk on a Broadway stage! After holding hands with Saudis, talking about flowers, are we supposed to be seeing a - um - gentler side of the president?

Note that he only focuses on problems where someone can make a financial killing. Thus Medicare is off-limits -- people are making lots of money on a broken system -- but Social Security, well, the brokers would live like kings!

Ugh. Enough.


PS - I recommend 4.6 -- there's this new module that would eliminate your existing password strategy. :D (Also thanks for the Earth Day props.)

i heard it...

but he wasn't saying anything.

i have two questions for you...

how do you ballance the public and private of your writing? you are getting close to being... done. does that impact what you write and publish here, knowing that when you hit the job market the hiring committee may read your blog? not that you rant all that much (i tend to do that, but censor the hell outa myself), but how... do you draw the lines in the cybersand?

Open book

Hmm, Khalil, I'm trying to think of an intelligent answer to your (thoughtful) question, but all that comes to mind is: I don't think I reveal anything that personal here. I'm pretty forthcoming about my thoughts, feelings, past experiences, etc. face-to-face in most settings (not in the classes I teach, though), and I've been called an open book before. I hope what I write here won't end up hurting my career; I can't imagine what's on here that would be so objectionable as to be a deal-breaker.

I've wondered how I would respond, though, if a university said something like, "We'll hire you if you take down all the personal posts on your blog and stop writing about any aspects of your personal life online." There was a brief thread on Kairosnews addressing a similar matter a while back.


initially, as i wrote my question, i was going to include the observation that you didn't seem to include much personal/private stuff. perhaps the question i was really wanting to ask was how did you come to keeping your posts... less personal? was it a decision from day one, was it more organic in nature?

on a different note, so... how hard was it to learn drupal? i am considering it for a new site, but have another five days until i am free from the burden of coursework for the semester and can devote time to learning the program. i also have a faculty who wants a blog-type content manager for his site but has a fairly complex design he wants me to create (me?) a template for. one where folks can enter a form-like entry with 6-7 body texts that will display linearly or will truncate the first 150-200 words of an entry into a kind of poster... i ramble. but yeah. i installed an older version on a new domain but haven't figured out how to... use it yet.

ps - please forgive the all lower-case typing. it's just one of those weeks.

one more question...

what are the ethics of depublishing a blog?

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