Yee-Haw! Dissertation Fellowship!

OMG! My advisor just informed me that I received one of my university's Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships! I thought I had Absolutely. No. Chance. of getting one, but I did, and I'm still not convinced it isn't a hallucination. I think it's for real, though; I was even forwarded the email from the Graduate School Fellowship Office, which read in part:

The Graduate Fellowship Committee has completed its review of all nominations for the 2005-06 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) program, and I am pleased to inform you that the following nominee from your program is among those selected for the award:

Clancy Ann Ratliff

I really, really needed this. I've been teaching year-round for three years, and I will be grateful for the break and the opportunity to work on my dissertation full-time. I can't go without acknowledging Jonathan's encouragement here. He's the one who insisted that I apply for the departmental nomination in the first place. He's the one who always said so matter-of-factly, as if it were a foregone conclusion, "I know you're going to get it," the one who was so cocksure of me, even when I was amused by it, and thought he was just saying that.


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Red Bird Rising
That is so great, Clancy! And well-deserved!


Congratulations, Clancy! Well done!


a UoM dissertation fellowship is excellent.

Way to go!

Congratulations, Clancy!



But really, how could they NOT give it to you? And I am not flattering you AT ALL. Woman, you've been publishing your ass off right here on this blog about your primary research area (not to mention the other stuff you've done). That's what it's all about.

Btw, I know I owe you an email.

Bitch. Ph.D.

You earned it

Really. However, I know how you feel. At this point everyone's good and it's a good feeling when you do win something pratical like this that will really help you finish that diss in a year. My dissertation fellowship is up in August and it was a tremendous help. Balancing the writing with the job search would have been harder without it.



2 Board Alley

I can't think of a more deserving person, Clancy! This calls for a celebration. Blogtails, anyone?


That's great for you *and* research about blogging :)



Looks like everyone else beat me with the congrats, so I'm gonna say, "how sad!" as I think about all those students who would have benefited from having you as a teacher. :)

Okay, Congrats.


Congratulations and enjoy the diss-time, Clancy!


Well done Clancy.

BTW, how cool is it that your intials are CAR!?!

Congratulations! wolfange



It looks to me

Like the cat pictured immediately above, if your comments are sorted that way, is chewing on an old kiwi slice.


Nice work!


I am sure your students will miss you but it is good news for your dissertation. Congratulations!

And yet more congrats!

Whoo hoo! I still remember the day when I got home and saw that I had won the Whiting Fellowship. It's an amazing high. Congrats -- you deserve it.

Now make better use of it than I did.



Aw, shucks. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.

Nice new icon, Mike! (I hope no one here feels obligated to stick with the icon I chose during my outreach effort.)

The whole students'-missing-me thing? Don't know about that, but thanks anyway. :-/

I've always been kind of embarrassed about the fact that my initials spell "car," actually. Maybe I should get over that!


Congrats - what a great achievement! Enjoy that break from teaching! (And if I can speak from personal experience, do not let time slip away! I actually find it almost harder to get work done when I have no structure imposed on my life from outside. But you're probably much more disciplined than I am.)

Oh, I once had a student whose initials were PBJ...:-)

It's really true!

It took this listing for me finally to believe it.


Congrats on the fellowship! Good job!!!

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