Next Rhetoric Carnival?

What shall we do for the next Rhetoric Carnival? I thought the last one, on Richard Fulkerson's "Composition at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century,"* went pretty well, so I hope others will want to stick with articles for this thing. From that same issue of CCC, there's an article by Kelly Ritter, "The Economics of Authorship: Online Paper Mills, Student Writers, and First-Year Composition," to which I think at least six or seven smart fabulous folks would bring insights. What do you all think? Or do you have another article to suggest?

* From the June 2005 (56.4) issue of College Composition and Communication.


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Sounds Good

I'm down with it. I've grumped a little already about Ritter's specious opposition of "academy" to "economy" and failure to engage the discipline of economics in an article that uses the word in its title, so I might suggest that some familiarity with J.K. Gibson-Graham's brief definition of the term in New Keywords (Bennett, Grossberg, and Morris, eds., Blackwell, 2005) might be helpful for folks who engage with that aspect of the article. Also, Dánielle Nicole DeVoss and Jim Ridolfo (both of MSU) and my colleague Casey Burton have all recently had some really interesting things to say about economics, authorship, and ownership -- it might be neat to ask one of them to do some guestblogging.


Rhetoric carnival

Geeky Mom

I'd love to participate. I'm trying to find a low-key way to keep up with my former life as a composition teacher. With a full time job, it's pretty difficult. But a carnival, I can do that!


I'm up for posting an entry or two about Ritter's article. You want to host the carnival, Clancy...kick things off?

Later in the week

I am busy with other stuff for the next several days, so I wouldn't get to it until Friday the 12th or Saturday the 13th. Maybe it'll give others time to get a copy of the article if they don't have one. Also, it would be nice to see if anyone else wants to do it besides the four of us.

I'll send an announcement to the CCCC-IP list too; this seems like something they'd want to follow.

Um—thanks for invite, but n

Um—thanks for invite, but now you've smoked me out: I don't actually know how the carnival thang works. But here's an entry I did awhile back on the Ritter essay.

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