Comfortable sandals

I really want these but don't have the money. My friend Pamela has a similar pair and can walk all day long in them.


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Me, too!

I've always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens sandals, and just never been able to justify the expense!


It's worth it!

Shoes are the one fashion/clothing area where I will spend whatever to get well-made, comfortable shoes. I love finding a bargain on jeans and purses and such at the Goodwill, but nothing can f%ck up your feet faster than crappy shoes. A $90 pair of shoes from a good manufacturer (I'm not so familiar with the Doc Martens, but I'll vouch for Clarks and Timberlands) should last you for years; many of the better shoe companies have a lifetime guarantee should their products fail.

Take care of your feet and they'll take of you!

F.Y.I. Clancy. Now is the tim

F.Y.I. Clancy. Now is the time to hit the end of summer sales at the trendy stores such as Buckle, Pacific Sunware, Gadzooks and the like. I have a pair of Doc sandals very similar to those, and I bought them on clearance last summer at Buckle for about 40 bucks. Also, if there is a department store there similar to Dillards, Pamela and I each bought a pair of Docs at their end of summer clearance last year for around 20 bucks. There is never a need to pay full price for a seasonal shoe. Or you could always check out Judy's the next time you are home.--Amanda


From Pam ~ I have the exact pair of Dr. Martens as your picture , and ARGHHH...I never wear them! They are soooo heavy they feel as though they are bogging my feet I'm walking in quicksand. My daughter raved about them and talked me into getting a pair last year, so I splurged and bought a pair. I was just recently in feet were killing me from all the walking...again, my daughter recommended a pair of sandals, this time, TEVA. I found them at a discount store for only $24 bucks and I gotta say they feel great. I was able to walk full days in them and my ankles and feet actually felt cushioned from the pavement.

Clancy- I gotta say. I splur

I gotta say. I splurged one summer and bought 2 pair of DM sandals because they were so damned cute and they still sit in the closet almost brand new because they are tooooo heavy to wear for more than a couple of hours at a time (if you plan to do any walking).

dr. b.

Wow, who knew that sandals co

Wow, who knew that sandals could generate such a discussion? I know that DM sandals are heavy...I was looking at that as a plus, though--leg weights. :-)

Thus proving the time-honored

Thus proving the time-honored theory, that women really LOVE shoes.What better place for this discussion than your feminism blog? Shoe love is as universal to women as the hand gesture for "do you have a lighter?" is to smokers. ---Amanda


Elle hit my point perfectly!! Yes, Dr. Marten's (a.k.a. Docs) are heavy to the untrained foot, but it takes absolutely no time to get used to them. (Unless maybe you have extremely weak ankles or something. I am sure that would be a problem) They are extremely comfortable, and very well made. Dr. Marten's produce other shoes than just the sandals, most notably their boots which are a cult classic. I have been wearing Docs since high school and first purchased a pair of their sandals something like 6 years or so. I still own and wear that particular pair which are in excellent condition after all this time. I agree with Elle about the Clarks & Timberland brands as well. All of these brands produce very well made shoes that won't make your feet cry. On top of that they look good on your feet too! I own not only one pair of these fabulous sandals as Clancy described, but 3 pairs. If I can find another to merge as seamlessly into my wardrobe as these have, I will buy them in a heartbeat. They are fantastic and are almost the only shoes I wear in the Summer. Don't let the weight scare you away from trying them out. As far as the price goes, if you pay full price, they are definitely worth it. These shoes won't fall apart on you after a year of partial wear. If you get lucky you can find them on sale as Amanda described in a previous post. Especially at the end of season sales as was mentioned earlier. If you aren't a shoe snob or have issues with used shoes, check out those outlets. We have one here that rocks. Shipment days there are a madhouse. Just a little feedback from an extremely happy, long-term Dr Marten consumer! ~Pamela, (Doc activist, 10+ years)


I bought two pair of sandals the other month, as well - flip-flops I've been wanting since I last wore them around, oh, around age 5. Two sets for $5 at Old Navy. Not quite as heavy as those DMs.


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