Why I could never be a mother

Leigh Anne's July 29 post. I always read Leigh Anne's blog because I appreciate her wit and grace. She's the only one who could write in such a way about being simultaneously the owner of a store that sells sex toys and the mother of two toddlers. But the July 29 story is too much. Charlie, you've said I'll change my mind (I'm 28 years old, will be 29 in about six weeks), but when I think of myself as a parent, I picture Leigh Anne on July 29, but WITHOUT the wit and grace.

Edited to add: I love children--and I know parenting is difficult and of utmost importance. I hope I didn't come off sounding like I think otherwise. It's just that stories like the one I linked to scare me, which says more about me than anyone else.


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Covered in shit

Clancy, Your friend's story made me run out and buy a box of condoms immediately. I definitely can't handle 2 boys. I can barely handle the one I've got, and he's only 2 months old!!

Covered in Shit

Clancy, although I have children, I don't read many blogs of people who write about children. I suppose I don't want to read about it during "my" time. My two boys are only 21 months apart and things get easier and easier as they get older. But life sucked earlier.

I read part of that post but I just couldn't finish it. I'm a militant Mom. Yes, there are bad days and good days. But if a child climbed on top of the car in my driveway (uh, which never would have ever happened in the first place) he/she would be spanked and then banished for half a day probably. Some people write to purge in the blogosphere though and you can't take it all as an example of life w/kids. Sometimes, you just get the worst of it out there. Maybe not everyone thinks to write when it's all super. ?? For one thing, life with toddlers absolutely sucks. It cannot really be equated with infinity with kids.

But part of the intimidating aspect of parenthood is because it's about perspective and all experiences are not the same because ... well, people are different, parents are different and children are different. It's a parental call.

Michelle from phlebas.blog-city.com
Posted later -- I hope that didn't sound like I thought she never wrote about the good stuff; I wouldn't know since I'd never read her. What I meant was that since I write mostly to purge, others may as well and the more peaceful and fulfilling moments of motherhood may not be highlighted. :)

It gets better!

It only takes about 15 years until they are fairly reliable and manage to entertain themselves without your constant vigilance... And by then your life has been taken so totally over by the mothering business that you are happy when they ask for waffles for breakfast and offer you a chance to do their laundry. (OK, I am not quite ready to feel joyful at the laundry part yet. Perhaps when I don't have to first pay for it, then clean it...)


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