The ones who make your ears perk up

It's exciting to be here at Computers and Writing and talk to graduate students now that I'm in a tenure-track position. I don't feel in any way competitive toward them, so that affects the dynamic a little. There are several first- and second-year PhD students (and others who are ABD, of course, but right now I'm talking about relative newbies) who I definitely think are going to be serious movers and shakers in the field in the future. The idea flitted across my mind to do a The Ones to Watch-style series of profiles of these folks, but I obviously wouldn't do it. What I WILL do is, if/when they go on to rock the field of rhetoric and composition, write a post about their accomplishments, link back to this post, and say, "Yep. She is one of the people I was talking about here. I CALLED IT."